Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday's Musings...

This morning a dear friend greeted me,
at my home, with a delicious cup of coffee.
She and her children came to spend the day with us.
Isn't it a blessing to have friends, sisters in the Lord,
that we can pray for, fellowship with, encourage,
and even work with? ;o)

After spending some time, relaxing on the couch,
sipping our coffee and chatting,
we tackled the bookshelves in my reading room.
What a task!
There a 5 full-size bookshelves in our reading room
and they were filled with books
(praise the Lord for His goodness!).
Our task was to organize the mess of books
into some sort of system that would benefit us.
We decided to shelve by subject (mostly).

First we started taking books off of the shelves
and setting them into piles. phew!
When lunch time rolled around,
we had a little 'picnic' in the midst of our mess...

Afterwards, we got back to work.
It was an enjoyable time of laboring together
(despite the dust... lol).
Here's a view of some of the piles on the floor...

The books seen were, mostly,
science, history, and literature.
The literature and history
were placed on the empty bookshelf (in the picture).
The top two shelves were literature

(classics, poetry, read alouds, fiction, etc...),
the next two are history

(living books, unit studies, geography, social studies, etc...)
and the bottom shelf is for art,

artist study, music study, handicraft, home arts, etc...

The bookshelf to the right in the picture was as follows...
Top shelf - this year's 'will be using' 'school books'
Second shelf - Bible/Bible study tools for youth
Third/Fourth shelf - Science, nature study, nutrition, math
Bottom shelf - books for the children to use freely

Across from the last bookshelf mentioned
is my 'old books... pretty books' shelf...

The top shelf are the more 'delicate' books,

then there are a couple of 'handsome' resources
and, also, a few 'book sets'.

To the left of that shelf are built-in shelves...

The top three shelves are for

encyclopedia sets and a set of resource books.
The bottom shelf is photo albums.

On the other side of the doorway
is the other built-in bookshelf...

The top shelf are

a couple of nature study resource books,
Charlotte Mason books, etc...
Second shelf is miscellaneous homeschool helpfuls.
Third and fourth shelves are for miscellaneous
Bible study books, parenting books, etc...

And I even had a stack to add to my
'time to part with' book bin...

It was a very productive day!

I still have shelves in other rooms to tackle
but we were satisfied with all we got accomplished.
And we did have a lot of fun.

"Two are better than one;
because they have a good reward for their labour"
~ Ecclesiastes 4:9

Also, today, the children discovered a sparrow
that was stuck in our neighbor's birdfeeder.
We were all sad for this little bird's suffering
but we were delighted to be able to help it.
We rejoiced that we were albe to get its head unstuck.
And they were tickled to touch it and see it up close.
A word of caution...
Be careful what feeders you buy for your backyard feeder.
This poor little fellow got his head wedged into
that little hole of the birdhouse-type feeder
and couldn't get its head out without help.
We were thankful the children noticed it. ;o)
I'm sure they'll always remember the day
that we helped the little sparrow in its time of crisis.

Hope y'all enjoy your week!


Ron and Ginny said...

Oh, I wish I had a room dedicated just to books! Sigh... :-D I have books all over the place. Our library had a book sale this past week and I went almost every day and one day I went twice. So, now I am looking for places for these books... ;-) I didn't get a LOT of books, but I got a few every time I went. They kept adding to the inventory, so I didn't want to miss the few good ones that were in amongst the masses of trash. The best one, I think, that I got during that sale was the Journals of Jim Elliot (brand new) for a quarter. :-) Helping the sparrow sounds like it was quite an experience for the young-un's.

HsKubes said...

Ginny ~ This is the first time I've ever had a room for just books. I know it won't last forever but I'm enjoying it while I can. ;o) Even with a room full of books, I still have books all over the house. lol
I had to laugh at your library trips. When we lived in Ohio, I did the same thing at a library sale I went to. And then later in the day, they started giving them away free! Can't resist that. ;o)
Ally read the Journals of Jim Elliot and LOVED it! I'm sure you'll enjoy it, too. ;o)

~ Christina

Anonymous said...

What a chore! I'm glad you have such a good friend to help you out.
It looks real nice and now you all will be able to find what you may want.
love mom

Bren said...

How did I miss this post?? Thank you for showing how you do your library. It must feel good to complete the job of reorganizing it. Kinda makes all the books feel new again, doesn't it. Pray I find some great book cases at thrift/garage sales.


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