Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday's Musings...

We've had quite a few busy days lately.
Last Friday, we had our homeschool park day
then sourdough pizza night with friends.
On Saturday, we met at the church
to go 'blitzing' in the nearby neighborhood,
inviting them to VBS this week.
Sunday was a wonderful Lord's Day.
The sermons were such a blessing,
as was the fellowshipping.

This morning, the children and I
started to really clean house
(or, as the Marine Corps calls it... field day).
We are preparing for a,
um, "special guest" very soon. ;o)
Here were the children this morning...

Ally worked at cleaning up her room...

Will and Carolynne worked together in Will's room...

Carolynne also helped by throwing the dirty laundry
down the stairs to be washed...

Oh dear! LOL...
Needless to say, I was working on
chiseling away at Mount Washmore. ;o)

Beth was helping to pick up the floor
but was easily distracted...

lol ;o)

This afternoon was spent visiting with friends.
Then this evening we headed to Vacation Bible School,
which I'll post about next.

I hope y'all have enjoyed your Monday!


Mrs. C said...

I just love Carolynne's method of transporting the laundry--too cute!

I'm getting rather curious about your special visitor. Any hints??? :)

Mrs. C

Deardorff Family said...

Special visitor? Sounds exciting.


Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Busy, Busy! You all look like you are at least having fun while you clean :D Beth looks like my kids when they are in the middle of cleaning hehe.

I am sure your "special" visitor will enjoy all the work you have done preparing for them to arrive ;)

Enjoy your week and your visit!

Happymama said...

Looks like more fun than work throwing clothes down the stairs. HA!

And tell Beth that Mrs. Kristi is often distracted when cleaning up. A habit I hope to break one day. LOL


Ron and Ginny said...

"Special guest"? That sounds like either you are going to have a baby or your husband is coming home. I don't think it is either of those, because you would probably be making a bigger fuss than that about it. Hmmm... I wonder who it could be? It is not LOL! Sorry for all the silliness. I am in a silly mood right now and to tell you the truth I didn't even register the "special guest" until I saw references to it in the comments. :-D It sounds like you had a good day.

HsKubes said...

Mrs. C ~ I loved her way of helping with the laundry, too. She was so proud of herself. ;o)
I posted a few 'hints'... I think you've got it now. ;o)

Jill ~ It is VERY exciting. ;o)

Amy ~ Yes, busy, busy but we are having fun. ;o) I had to chuckle at Beth's way of 'helping'.
I think our 'special visitor' will be thrilled to have a 'haven of rest' to come to. ;o) Thank you.
We will definately be enjoying our visit.

Kristi ~ Yes, Carolynne was surely having fun. lol I, too, can be easily distracted from cleaning (and other things). I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. ;o)

Ginny ~ You crack me up! You caught me off guard with the 'having a baby' comment (but, of course, that would always be good news, too!). I would have LOVED to made a bigger fuss but have resisted (for many reasons).
We would love to have you for a special guest, too, sometime. ;o)

~ Christina


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