Monday, August 6, 2007

First Night of Vacation Bible School...

We had a great first night of VBS!
Below are some photos from this evening...

Preparing to sing "Rescue the Perishing".

Puppet presentation...

(Ally is the puppet on the far left.)

Taking the penny offering.

The 'firemen' won the penny offering tonight...

Ally, Carolynne, and Beth sitting on the Police Officer side.
Will is in the back on the fireman side.

Leaving for class time...

Beth, Carolynne, and Ally are at the end of the line.
Ally is helping in their class.

Will leaving with his class.

Beth and Carolynne's craft...

The Bible lesson was about when God
sent ravens to bring food to Elijah.
The craft was a paperbag raven
and a plate of 'food'.

Will's craft was a cut-out raven
and he wrote in colored glue "Trust in God".

After craft time, it was snack time...
and that's when I came in... ;o)

After snack time, everyone returned to the auditorium...

We all looked forward to a much anticipated event!
During the neighborhood Bible clubs we've had
the past few weeks, the children have been
memorizing particular Scripture verses.
A young man (teen) in the church
volunteered to allow whoever memorized
ALL of the verses on the list
the opportunity to put a pie in his face during VBS!
Will was proud to be one of those
that memorized all of the verses...

The children (and the adults) had a wonderful time!
We look forward to tomorrow night!


Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Such a blessing! I'm impressed with your diligence and consideration in blocking the identity of those who are not your own.

Dina said...

A very blessed picture collection you have here today. I must say I too was going to say how considerate of you is to block the idenity of the ones who are not your own. My family and I are back from our vacation , I must say I missed visiting this blog, but it's good to come back , take care

Karen said...

So much fun! I enjoyed seeing the pictures from your first night. I have great memories of VBS when I was a little girl.

Bren said...

VBS is always fun!! I love the pie in the face thing! Way to go Will!!!!

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

How fun! I had to laugh about the pie in the face thing. We don't have any teenagers that are boys so it is always my husband they use as the guinea pig LOL.

Our church was unable to have VBS this year so I am enjoying reading and seeing the pictures of everyone else's VBS weeks.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Chyrll said...

It looks like you all had a fun night at VBS.

madeleine said...

I love VBS!

Thats great how Will learned all his verses!! What a treat! Samuel learned all his verses also, but no one in our church volunteered to get pied. (Is that a real word?) lol. He got a big bag of Starburst. Which also works.

And I truly hope & pray your special guest is who I hope & pray it is!!!!!

Have a good rest of VBS week!! ~madeleine

Happymama said...

What fun! Don't you just love VBS? I pray you have a fruitful week with these children.

And WAY TO GO, WILL!! Nice aim too! ;)

~Mrs. Kristi

HsKubes said...

Grafted Branch ~ Yes, VBS has been a blessing. ;o)
I do try refrain from posting others' faces on our blog (unless we have permission). Thank you for your encouragement in doing so.

Dina ~ Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I'm, also, glad to hear y'all made it home safely! It was good to hear from you, again. ;o) Thank you for your kind words!

Karen ~ Yes, it has been lots of fun. How wonderful that you have great memories of VBS when you were a lil' girl. We are praying this week will impact the children's lives here.

Bren ~ We have been enjoying our VBS week. Will was thrilled to do the pie in the face. lol The young man receiving it was such a good sport!

Amy ~ lol... How generous of your husband to volunteer for things like that. ;o)
I'm glad you have been able to read and enjoy other's VBS weeks. This is our church's first year to have it.

Chyrll ~ We have been having a great week. Thank you. ;o)

Madeleine ~ My son would have accepted the candy, too, but he definately preferred throwing the pie. ;o) Thank you for your prayers.

Kristi ~ Thank you for your prayers. We've enjoyed our week and the Lord has blessed.

~ Christina


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