Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Delightful 'Meet and Eat'...

Today the children and I had the opportunity
to meet fellow bloggers.
Karen (of Kindred Haven)
and her daughter, Christie,
were near our 'neck of the woods'.
We were so delighted to meet them for lunch!
We had such a lovely time getting to know them!

We sure enjoyed a wonderful 'meet and eat'

with these dear ladies!


Susan W. said...

Okay, we must've lost so much weight. What's your secret? You're eating pizza and Cracker Barrel and losing weight?

I am glad you were able to meet some friends from bloggerworld. If you are ever around in these parts again you have to let me know!


Tracy said...

Oh, what a delightful day! We were supposed to meet Karen on our way through NC in May, but she had to change plans. I'm sure that you were all thrilled!

Karen said...

Oh, Christina, I had to laugh at that one picture of us talking. I'm ALWAYS talking with my hands! Ally captured the "real me"! LOL!
We were truly blessed by you and your sweet family yesterday!
Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to meet with us.
Our trip back was uneventful, which is a very good thing!
We hope to see you in a couple of weeks.
Enjoy *YOUR* next two weeks. ;0)

Amy ~ (Ilife's small treasures) said...

How exciting! I have only got to meet one online friend (Tori from Hope we can meet sometime when you are up in Michigan!

Looks like you all had fun, and at one of my favorite spots! Love cracker Barrel.

Have a wonderful weekend.


I am so glad that you all got to meet and have so much fun. The place you all chose to eat is one of my favorites. I love Cracker Barrel. I am glad you all had so much fun. Have a good weekend. connie from Texas

HsKubes said...

Susan ~ lol... no secret... not really any weight loss either. Maybe it was the dress. But thank you! ;o)
We will definately let you know if we are ever in your area!

Tracy ~ Yes, it was a very delightful day. ;o) Sorry to hear y'all's plans didn't work out, though. Perhaps another opportunity will arise one day. ;o)

Karen ~ lol... Ally has a knack for catching certain moments on camera. ;o)
It really was a blessing to us, too, to meet and get to know y'all. We really enjoyed ourselves! There is always time to make new friends. ;o)
I am glad to hear y'all made it home safe!
I hope to see y'all, again, too. And, yes, we will definately be enjoying our next couple of weeks!! ;o)

Amy ~ It was exciting. And Cracker Barrel was a yummy place to meet (thank you, Karen). ;o)
How nice to meet Tori. We were hoping to meet her while they were on furlough but they weren't in our neck of the woods.
I know we'll make it up to Michigan one of these days and I look forward to meeting you!

Connie ~ We were glad to got to meet, too, and we sure did have a good time.
Hope you're doing well.

~ Christina


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