Monday, September 10, 2007

Thinking of You...

Thank you, Daddy and Uncle Steven!
We're proud of you!
We love and miss you!

~ Your family

"The LORD watch between me and thee,
when we are absent one from another."
~ Genesis 31:49



I pray for your husband and your family often. I am so thankful that there are people like you all who are will to make such a scarifice for the people of our country. Thank you all. connie from Texas

Christie Belle said...

Yes, thank you. We are reminded on this day of just how much all of our service members are doing and what they are doing it for. ((Hugs))

Happymama said...

We are thinking of you and thank you also. May God protect you as you us.


Alesha said...

Thank you, Christina, for your sacrifice. We're praying often for your family.


Bren said...

My prayers are with your beloved and your family today as everyday. We will be touching on Sept. 11 in school today and will take a moment to reflect on the sacrifice you and your family have made. Thank You and God bless.
2 Chronicles 7:14.

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Thank you for your family's sacrifice.

Praying for your DH and your family while he is away serving our great country.


Anonymous said...

Our Family thanks you also. We pray for our Lord to continue to give you comfort and protection!! Thank you so very much for your family, and your outreach to others. We are thankful to get to know your sweet family through your blog.

The Lain Family,
David,Cristal,Ashley,Hunter,Jacob,Hope, Jedidiah,Malachi. All praying and remembering.

Debbie H. said...

Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We are truly blessed and grateful to have you serving.

Madeleine said...

.....thank you......

tumbleweeds said...

Thank you for your continuance of fighting a battle that is not just physical but spiritual....GOD BLESS YOU and KEEP YOU SAFE

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina,
Thanks for stopping by. I have been thinking about you today. Bryan spent his 2 years in Iraq when we first went in over there.It was a rough time. I hope all our soldiers can come home soon and stay home.
Thanks for your prayers for him and Brandy.
His orders as of now is to report to Korea Jan 08.
Have a blessed day.

Karen said...

Thank you to your sweetie and brother-in-love. May we never forget.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I have been meaning to post on your blog for a while. My name is Melissa and I am also a wife of a Marine who is in Iraq. I just wanted to say thank you for your posts and good attitude. It is really a blessing to see a woman react to deployment in a strong and godly way. Sometimes things just seems so overwhelming (as you know, having children of your own). My husband and I have a daughter and are expecting another child in November right after he gets home. These days I am on bed rest because I have placenta previa. Sometimes bed rest seems to make the days go by so much slower. I appreciate your blog. Even the background music helps me to focus on what is important- pointing my children to the Lord and supporting my husband. Thank you again.

Jill said...

Our family thanks you also. May God keep you safe.

Megan said...

Glad things are going well! John will be over there again soon. We are excited about what the Lord will do! God Bless!
Christian Love

HsKubes said...

Thank you, ladies, so much for your encouraging words and your prayers. They are such a blessing to me!

~ Christina

HsKubes said...

Melissa ~ Thank you so much for visiting me and for leaving a comment. It thrills me to hear from other military wives. ;o)
Yes, it can seem overwhelming at times but I am SO thankful to have a Heavenly Father I can lean on.
I am praying for you as you await your beloved's return and as you are in your last stage of your pregnancy.

~ Christina


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