Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday's Musings...

We had a wonderful Lord's Day, yesterday.
It was, also, such a blessing to wake up
to cooler, crisper weather. I love it!
The morning service was a blessing.
In Sunday school, we continued in James 3,
regarding the tongue (ouch!).
In the morning service,
the children's choir sang,
which is such a blessing to hear.
Pastor's sermon was on personal revival!
That was a real blessing, as well.
It was also a blessing to meet a family
that was visiting while on deputation.
It was a real joy to stay after church
fellowshipping with them.
I love how the Lord puts like-minded folks
in our lives. It is such an encouragement!

After the service, we came home to eat
and enjoy our restful afternoon.
Carolynne enjoyed her rest very much... ;o)

Beth enjoyed being my shadow... ;o)

Will enjoyed reading...

Ally enjoyed quiet time with the Lord...

In the evening service, we had a visiting evangelist,
which was a real blessing, too.
And I got to speak to my beloved ;o)
It was a blessed Lord's Day!

Today was another beautiful autumn-like day!
Much too beautiful to stay indoors...
it was a day to be out in God's country ;o)
so we went to a friend's 'country' house.
The mamas enjoyed swinging on the porch
as the children enjoyed the great outdoors...

Notice the long sleeves on all my children?
It wasn't that chilly but we were still able
to 'pull off' wearing the long sleeves. ;o)

After playing outside for a while,
the younger ones played indoors with playdough
and were eager to share their playdough 'cookies'...

It was a sweet time of fellowship
and, oh so wonderful weather. ;o)

When we returned home this afternoon,
the younger ones played outside a little more...

The lil' girls enjoyed bouncing their stuffed animals...

Will enjoyed swinging...

And he enjoyed watching one of the construction workers
take their fencing down.
I could hear him asking the man questions,
inquiring about what he was doing.
I know Will is excited because it means
that he will soon be able to use the sidewalk, again,
for his scooter and bike...

Home learning today consisted of enjoying God's creation!

Well, Ally did a little Chemistry, too,
and Will did plenty of personal reading
with some living history and science books.
Beth and Carolynne had lots of creative play. ;o)

I hope y'all enjoyed your Monday, too.


Bren said...

What a wonderful couple of days! It has been wonderfully cool here also, though tomorrow the heat returns to 90 degrees :( I am very much ready for fall.
A teaching on the tounge always hurts, and if it didn't you were not listening!! LOL

Dina said...

I wish I could say it is cool here too, but we do not get that type of cool until later in October. We still have high temperatures and yesterday we even went for a swim as it was rather hot. I am not complaining here but hey we have a long hot summer that at the end we would be longing for cool weather.

Ron and Ginny said...

Oh, yes. It has been very cool and wonderful around here. What a relief! :-D Thanks for the comment on my blog. My brother is a Lt. Col. in the Marines stationed at Quantico, Virginia. I have been trying to figure out where you are and I think you are at Camp Legeune. Lee was there for quite a while, too. They had a house in New Bern. :-D He recently returned from Iraq. He is very glad to be home! ;-)

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Looks like such a fun Day. We too are enjoying fall-like weather while it lasts! Last week high were in the high 60's low 70's and by tomorrow it will be in the mid 80's you know Michigan weather ;).

Thanks for visiting my blog. I will email you that list there were a few items I removed because I knew we wouldn't see them while out, but you may.

Have a great day!

Jeannie said...

Bring on the fall weather, I am glad to hear your sermon at church was thought provoking, ours was too as we discussed the joys and trials of marriage. I know the service hit home for a few of us.

MyHubbysHelper said...

I dont know if I have mentioned it or not, but I love Beth and Carolynnes matching dresses!!! They are too cute!! And I love Carolynnes stripey tights, adorable!! I love the fall too, something about it makes me want to bake, bake, bake!!! YUM!!!
Have a great day!!!
Mrs. Bowman

MarineMama said...

Ya'll sure have been busy enjoying God's World! =) It is getting cooler here! I'm so happy! I can open the windows in the evening and early morning but have to close them the rest of them time. I hope ya have a wonderful week!
Christian Love
Megan (MarineMama)

Happymama said...

I LOVED waking to the cooler weather Sunday. And you're was such a great blessing.

Glad you got to speak from your hubby. I'm sure that was the icing on your day.

And I loved Carolyne's little striped socks/tights. Those are so cute!


HsKubes said...

Bren ~ Yes, it's been a wonderful few days. ;o) I'm ready for fall, too!
Yes, a teaching on the tongue sure hits home. ;o)

Dina ~ Hope you're able to stay cool as you wait for the cooler weather. ;o)

Ginny ~ What a blessing to have your brother return home from Iraq. ;o)
We know exactly where New Bern is. It's a small world... especiall in the Marine Corps. There's only so many places we can go. ;o)

Amy ~ Yes, it was a fun day. ;o) And we love the weather! I'm sure y'all will enjoy your warmer weather for a while 'cause pretty soon y'all will have 7 months of winter. LOL. ;o)
Thank you for the emailed list. I can't wait to do our own nature hunt. ;o)

Jeannie ~ Yes, bring on the fall weather. We're loving it. It's always a blessing to hear messages on marriage. ;o)

Mrs. Bowman ~ Thank you. I hope to make a few more matching dresses for them. I, too, love to see them match. ;o) They like it, as well.
Yes, the fall makes us want to bake, too. Ally just made a carrot cake and it is smelling D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Mmmmm!

Megan ~ Yes, we do keep busy and we love to soak in God's world. ;o) I'm glad to hear it's cooling off there. I remember it being a blessing when I could open the windows in the morning and the evening and then had the a/c running during the day. ;o)

Kristi ~ YES! Waking up and walking out into the cooler weather was such a blessing! And, yes, I was delighted to speak with my beloved. ;o)
And thank you... we like those tights, too. I always try to buy them when I see them. ;o)

Hope y'all are enjoying your week ~

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Last year the dollar store by my house had those tights for $1 a pair. I couldn't believe it they usually run around $4-6 a pair regular price. So needless to say I bought them up ;).

Target usually clearances them out too at the end of the season and you can usually get them for about $2.50 or so.


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