Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday's Musings...

This afternoon we visited with some friends
for supper and fellowship.
They were grilling ribs, shrimp, corn,
and had potato salad and "doubled" eggs
(as our lil' girls call them)...
Who could pass that up? ;o)

Before we left, Ally baked a cake
for her friend's upcoming birthday
and we took it with us for eating. ;o)

During the drive there,
we all noticed how beautiful the sky was
and Ally took a few photos...

We can never look at the sky
without thinking of and talking about
God's marvelous handiwork!
" The heavens declare the glory of God;
and the firmament sheweth his handywork."
~ Psalm 19:1

The children didn't hesitate to start having fun
once we arrived at our friend's home.
What a blessing it is to have friends
that are like family, too. ;o)

The fellowship was wonderful!
And the food was delicious!
Ally was not ashamed that she was able to eat
4 whole ears of corn! Mmmm...

She, also, had fun decorating the cake with her friends.

As dusk approached, they enjoyed playing outdoors more.

Ally was able to ride a bike for a little while
and she played with the flying disc, too,
until they got it stuck in a tree...

The little ones, also, enjoyed playing...

The mamas joined them, too, and we had lots of fun. ;o)

We had a sweet time of fun, food, and fellowship.

I hope y'all enjoyed your Labor Day!


Ron and Ginny said...

What a fun day. You certainly keep busy. :-D

Bren said...

Whenever my little Zach sees a beautiful sky he always sucks in his breath and says "It's the Heavens!"
What a blessed day with great friends and great foos...I am with Ally on that corn!

Anonymous said...

How great it is to have friends with "like minds",looks like a fun filled day,and yummy on the corn,she "must"take after her grandma.:)
Love Ya,

Karen said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time with good friends. I love the picture of Ally and the corn! LOL! I would love to be able to eat it, doesn't like me. :-(
Glad you had a blessed Labor Day!

Happymama said...

Our Labor Day was enjoyable also. I'm glad you had a good one.

Tell Ally her cake was very pretty! I'm sure it tasted as good as it looked. :P


HsKubes said...

Ginny ~ Yes, it was a fun day. And, yes, we sure do keep busy... too busy. I look forward to calmer days. ;o)

Bren ~ How cute! I love to hear children's expressions of what they see.

Mommy ~ It sure is nice to have 'like-minded' friends. ;o) We sure missed you! And, yes, Ally takes after you in more than one way. ;o) LOVE YOU!

Karen ~ Yes, it was a wonderful time with friends. We were thankful for it.

Kristi ~ I'm glad you enjoyed your Labor Day. Ally says, "Thank you". And, yes, to clear all doubt... the cake tasted as good as it looked. ;o)

~ Christina

Christie Belle said...

Oh, sounds like a wonderful day, and the food doesn't sound too bad either, lol. We were admiring the beautiful skies down here on that day too. They really were gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love your girl's name "doubled" eggs. I don't like the name of these delicious eggs so maybe I could just adopt the name your girl's have for them! :)

Tumbleweeds said...

You have a really nice blog, I am so glad I stopped by and entered the contest, it gave me a chance to see your blog....The dress that the older girl is wearing(sunflowers) is quite beautiful, is it a pattern or did you find this cute dress at a store.... I have a 11 year old and finding modest dresses is a lil hard, and I dont mind shopping goodwill so I have been blessed there so far.

HsKubes said...

Christie ~ It was a wonderful day and great food. The sky was beautiful. I'm sure it was from where y'all were, too. ;o)

Karen ~ My girls have always called them 'doubled' eggs. I don't like the common name for them either so we have adopted the girls' name, too. Please feel free... it's not copyrighted or anything. ;o) lol

Tumbleweeds ~ Thank you for visiting me! We have a very difficult time finding modest dresses for my daughter and I, too. We have mostly given up on shopping for them so we make them. I posted the pattern for this dress HERE.
She has adjusted it to her liking and we love this pattern! Hope that helps. ;o)

~ Christina

Kim said...

oh, we grilled ribs too! lol

those clouds ARE pretty....our clouds usually look like that down here...I love that!!!!


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