Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday's Fillings...

It was another busy day to close up our week. ;o)
This morning I successfully made it through,
with the Lord's help, a visit to the dentist
(which is a big deal for me).
I was very thankful it went so well!

This afternoon, the children and I
went to our friend's house to feed their animals
one last time before they arrive home.
Then later in the afternoon,
we stopped by the commisary
to check out the case lot sale.
There were a few errands in between, too.
I thought I'd share a few photos from today
and a few from earlier this week
that I didn't get a chance to share. ;o)

Earlier this week, while playing dress up,
my young knight came across
this 'flower mushroom' (as he called it).
I delighted in his enthusiasm...

Will was, also, delighted this week
to get a 'geography lesson' from his Daddy
via the telephone...

They had a nice breakfast chat
as Daddy explained to him where he was this week. ;o)

Ally was thrilled this week
when she received her new Advanced Chemistry course
in the mail... particularly when she got her lab kit...

She is very excited about

this year's upcoming experiments...
I cannot say that mama is quite as excited. lol
I have told her that her 'lab' will, likely,
be outside under the gazebo this year... just in case. ;o)

Earlier this week, when we fed our friends' animals,
the children were excited to chase the guineas
(they're like wild turkeys)...

Carolynne is to the far left, then Will and then Beth.
The guineas are to the far right in a cluster. ;o)

Today the children were excited
to feed our friends' animals, again.
Here they were feeding the guinea pigs...

While Ally played on their piano...

Then we headed outside to feed the chickens.
Even our friends' dog,

was excited to be home and outside...

As Ally was going to get the chicken feed,
she was startled by this hanging out by the door...

Beautiful creature (in a bit of a creepy way). ;o)
We admired its features and its zigzag web.

This little beauty was nearby, too...

Off to feed the chickens...

... which were happy to be fed...

Ally was tickled to sneak in petting Caesar...

He didn't like it much, though. lol

The others watched to see what would happen...

They liked the idea of petting the rooster,
but weren't interested in trying it. ;o)

After we left, we stopped at the commisary
to check out the case lot sale.
We were surprised to see
what they had parked in the parking lot...

Notice it to the far right??

Something is parked there that is larger than the people.

Here's the upclose view...

You can click on it to see it larger.

Notice the engine on the bottom??
They actually drove it through the parking lot!
How's that for a grocery cart?!
Ally says we need one of those when we shop. lol
We were very amused. ;o)

I hope y'all had a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

Those spiders are neat but really creepy. Justin and I love looking at what we call the "stitching" web, quite interesting to see. Yesterday we were able to watch a different spider in the process of making it's web, going around and around, very cool!!!! ~Christena

Heather said...

:) Thank for letting me peek at your week! What a blessing. I love your china, by the way, just beautiful :)
Interesting that you posted the pic of that friend's daughter (who is homeschooled) just posted about this spider on her blog...she has the name for it which I could not even pronounce...her blog is on my site-Bekah's Boots. Have a wonderful day!

Katy-Anne said...

Haha I love the grocery cart!

Melody said...

My husband calls those spiders "writing spiders" because of their web. I've never looked it up though. We had one build a huge web near our side entrance - it stayed there for a couple of weeks and then was gone one morning. They're so fascinating to watch - isn't our God's handiwork amazing?

Melody said...

I decided to look it up after all. :O)

This is what I found:

Chyrll said...

It sounds like ya'll had a fun week!

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

A zipper spider! Beautiful!

That was some kind of cart. lol.

My favorite moment of this post has to be your son on the phone with his dad, looking at an atlas. :)

Leinani said...

I'm so glad I stopped by today. I really liked this post!!! I learned a lot about the spider. I recently posted pics of this same kind of spider on my blog from a nature walk. I had no idea what it was, but we all marvelled at it's size, color, and web. Big thanks to melody for the link!!!
I also liked the mushroom flower! Is it naturally like that?!! And lastly, I liked how excited Ally was about her chem. supplies! God bless you!

Ron and Ginny said...

Well, I'm glad you survived your dentist visit. I understand...

Nifty day! That spider is very common around here, too. It is a common garden spider, but I don't like to be surprised by it.

How nice to get a phone call from Daddy every once in a while. :-D

HsKubes said...

Christena ~ Hi there! What a surprise to hear from you. ;o)
We thought the spider was creepy but really interesting to watch, too. How neat that y'all stood and watched the other spider weave its web. Very neat!!

Heather ~ Thank you for sharing your friend's link. I checked it out! How interesting!
My mama gave me that china set last year. I love it, too! Thank you. ;o)

Katy-Anne ~ We loved the grocery cart, too! ;o)

Melody ~ Yes, our God's handiwork is absolutely amazing! I love it! Thank you so much for the link. I visited it! Very interesting info!

Chyrll ~ Yes, we did have a very fun week. ;o)

Grafted Branch ~ I, too, loved when Will had the geography chat with his Daddy. It was a precious sight. ;o)

Leinani ~ We loved admiring this spider, too. Can't wait to see the photos you posted.
I haven't found out any info about the mushroom, yet, but that is how my son found it.
Thank you, by the way, for visiting! ;o)

Ginny ~ I was very glad I survived the dental visit, too. I do recall you posting about yours, as well. It's a blessing to have a empathetic friend. ;o)
It was a nifty day. ;o) I wouldn't like being surprised by that spider either. yikes!
And, yes, it was very nice to get a phone call from Daddy. Those are always a blessing. ;o)

~ Christina

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Looks like you all had a very busy week, but quite a rewarding one.

What a neat spider, and I love the flower mushroom ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful Lord's Day

Madeleine said...

What a good week!! It must have been fun to feed farm-ish animals. Its not something that one gets to do easily.

So, I love the shopping cart. What a hoot!! does it travel from place to place? Just @ commisaries? My son is able to shop at commisaries, and he keeps telling me I should go with him. But McGuire AFB is a little over an hour on the Turnpike from us. So its not a stop away. Its pretty much Costco for me :Þ .

Have a good Lord's day! ~madeleine


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