Wednesday, September 19, 2007

God's World...

I'm glad I am living this morning
Because the day is so fair,
And I feel God's presence so keenly
About me, everywhere.

The heavens declare His glory,
The trees seem to speak of His power,
And I see His matchless beauty
In each small, growing flower.

The rocks all tell of His wonder;
In the hills His strength I see;
And the birds are singing His praises
In the songs that they sing to me.

Oh, I'm glad to be living this morning
In a world of beauty so rare
Where the God of Heaven is hovering
About me, everywhere.

~ author unknown


Ron and Ginny said...

Lovely. Today seems to be one of those days for praise. :-D

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

That poem was just beautiful! Thanks for sharing it


The words of this poem hold such great meaning to me. Thank you for sharing it. Hope you are having a good day. connie from Texas

MarineMama said...

I have so been enjoying God's World so much more seeingit through the eyes of Little Monkey! =)
Christian Love

Autumn swap hosts said...

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If you would here is the link.

Happymama said...



Madeleine said...

Aww thats so beautiful. And inspiring.

And a great reminder. I AM glad to be living, may it be evr for HIM.


Pam said...

Wonderful and soothing. Thank you for sharing this.

Sallie said...

That is beautiful..

God bless,

Dina said...

that is simply beautiful.

Lisa said...

I miss you boohoo:o( What a lovely poem. I hope you get lots of learning done while I'm gone.

only by His Grace

Jodi said...

Beautiful poem! Nature does indeed declare the glory of the Lord!


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