Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fall Back Into Homeschool Giveaway...

As I am aiming to spend the next week in preparation
for our upcoming homeschool year,
I thought it would be fun to have

a "Fall Back Into Homeschool Giveaway".

What's being given away?

A set of colored pencils

A set of drawing pencils with eraser
A personal size pencil sharpener
A spiralbound sketch book
A set of pretty notecards
A homeschool bumper sticker
A free year subscription to Birds and Blooms magazine

To particpate:

1. Make a post on your blog with a link to this giveaway.
You are more than welcome to use the graphic above ;o)

2. Then leave a comment on this post.
If you do not have a blogger account,
please leave your blog address. ;o)

*The giveaway will end
Saturday, September 8 at 10:00pm.*

A winner will be randomly selected
and announced Monday, September 10th.

Happy Homeschooling!


Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

What a GREAT giveaway! Please add me to your drawing. I will be linking back.


Bren said...

What a nice idea. I will link back through my home school blog! Happy Back To Home School to you too!!!

Dina said...

That's great I will try and link to your lovely giveaway. Even though it is illegal here in my country to homeschool, I try and do as much teaching as I can with my children always. Happy homeschooling I will be glad to learn and read from your posts.

Debbie H. said...

Thank you for a great contest, and thank you for holding down the homefront while your husband is away serving me and my family. We appreciate you!

Kim said...

Add me to your drawing....all that stuff looks really nice and fun.

Marci said...

I put a post up about your give away. Please sign me up.

Ladyfromthewoods said...

A truly thoughtful and lovely give-away. Please add us to the drawing! Crissy would be so thankful for the art supplies and I would throughly enjoy the magazine subscription too. I will work on my link right now.

Mrs. C said...

What a fun idea! My kiddos would just love the bird magazine. I picked one up at a yard sale several month ago, and they wore out the pages. :)
Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. C

Chyrll said...

Please enter me as well. I have linked to it on my blog.
Thank you,

Lisa said...

Hello Christina!!!! I am signing your blog. Stay calm its ok. Maybe I'll sign more in the future.

By the way I am officially entering your contest.


Mrs.Garcia said...

Please enter me into this Lovely Contest/Giveaway. I have posted about this Lovely Contest/Giveaway on my Blog as well.
God Bless,

Happymama said...

Sounds like fun. Count me in!


Carrie said...

What a nice giveaway! I just posted about it on my blog . . . please count me in, too!

BTW, today was my first time to visit your blog and I will definitely be back!

Mary aka Canadagirl said...

I am not sure if my comment took.
But I gave a link to your give away.

God Bless
In Him<><

BChsMamaof3 said...

What a great contest. We have just started nature journaling so this would be fun :) Please enter me in your draw and I linked back to you on my blog at:

Tracy said...

What a great giveaway. I just began homeschooling my daughter this year. I'm enjoying your blog, and I just put a link to your giveaway on my blog.

Jacque Dixon said...

What a great contest! I blogged it:

I will try to get it onto my blogger site too.

Amy said...

I posted about it at Thanks for doing this I hope I win!

Kim said...

Thanks for having this contest. I posted at
In Christ,

madeleine said...

Okay, I did it! I posted this on my site.

So....on to hope who ever gets it enjoys it!!!


Diane said...

Thank you for having such a wonderful contest. I blogged about the contest on my blog.

Have a blessed day!


Nancy King said...

I've posted about the contest on my site:

Thanks for doing the contest! I do love the Birds and Blooms Magazines...they're very nice and informative.


Holly said...

Hi...I posted about your giveaway on my blog. This is so nice! Bless you! ~Holly

Kay in PA said...

What a fun contest! I posted an entry.

Denise said...

What a nice giveaway, my daughter would love it.


Pam said...

HELLO! I haven't been here to visit with you all for ever and a day! I've missed your sweet posts and your sweet family.

It looks as though you've had a busy few weeks. I loved Will's version of the Alamo.

Of course I would love to be entered in for the drawing. Cool stuff!

Training Hearts said...

I've shared it on my blog!

Have a wonderful week :)

Sally said...

It was my covetousness that brough me to your blog, and for once, sin reaped a blessing :o) I LOVE your KJV verses and all you girls in dresses (even in the water!!!) I'll be back to see more!

Please enter me in your contest! I posted a link on my blog.

PS. Sincere thanks to your family for serving our country. Military families take the cake!

Anonymous said...

What a great give-a-way. Hope I am the one.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hello can i enter that is great im homeschooled

Anonymous said...

This would be so nice to win.

contest blurb is on this post.

Thursday Edition of Contests Galore

Nikki said...

What an awesome giveaway!! We just started homeschooling this year and already we LOVE it! I have linked to your giveaway in my blog as well.

BlessedCP said...

Thanks so much for hosting a great contest and a fun package!
I wrote all about it at my blog, so check it out! :-)
We love birds in our family so this would be an appreciated package.

Betsy said...

Lovely giveaway! Going to post it now!

Heidi said...

This is a great giveaway and would be perfect for my 3rd grader who is studying the Flying Creatures this year~ she would be thrilled!

I posted about it on my blog.

Kim said...

How fun!! Count me in. It will bless whomever you pick. I'll go post it on my blog right now.

Jill said...

Great giveaway. I love Birds and Blooms and was never able to get a subscription, so that would be great to win one. My daughter would love the art supplies.
I posted this on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your generosity! May you be blessed richly in return!

Terri Sue

Shauna said...

I posted the contest on my education blog, Treasure Seekers.

Maria (CarolinaWren) said...

What a great little package! This is so generous of you. I've posted a link at my blog:

Blessings to you!


Melissa Markham said...

What a terrific giveaway! I have blogged about it here!

Christa said...

I posted about the super cool give away!!

Please enter me in the contest!


Jennifer said...

I posted a link to this giveaway. It's a great idea!


thepatriot said...

Sorry; that was me, Jennifer. My blog is

Michele said...

What a nice giveaway!

Sallie said...

I love the song the Haven of Rest.. it's my mom's favorite!

This is a great contest... here is the link to the post on my page:

God bless,

Angela R said...

I love your blog, I put your contest on my blog at I love school supplies, they are so much fun!


Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

Very cool giveaway!!

Sunshine Seeker said...

What a great baby is only two months old but I've already been researching homeschooling. Please add me, I'm linking back.

Julie's Jewels said...

Hi there Sis!! I thought I'd try to come by again and see if blogger messes with me this time. It has been a while since I tried just because I got tired of the fuss I had to go through to come by here. Hopefully this will work....I've missed you!!

bubbebobbie said...

I am laughing so hard! I saw your give away on another blog. My husband designed that bumper sticker almost twenty years ago!

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

Heatherly said...

so! i have to enter! those are the bumper stickers my DAD made! i just told him i no longer had one! (car upgrades) or

tumbleweeds said...

I have you posted on my blog.... Those prizes look neat, would love to get my hands on that bumper sticker

Loni said...

WONDERFUL GIFTS! I have loved that magazine as I have browsed through it numerous times in our dentists' office. We have thought of a subscription for it, but it's not been a finacial priority, so it's not happened. I've written about this magazine and your contest on my blog. I'd love to be blessed with this along with my ten children! :)

Kate said...

Ignore the email I sent you. The comments link wouldn't work because I forgot I already had opened it earlier and had it behind my browser window (duh!). Please enter me, I posted about it here-

Michelle said...

I would love to be entered in your drawing. What a terrific prize! I have blogged about it at

michelle (at) northofthe49 (dot) com

Happy Girl said...

This is an awsome idea! I never knew how fast word could get around just by the blogger community. Lanae`

Laura said...

What a lovely giveaway. Count me in!

Carol said...

Hi there. For some reason I cannot ever see the visualization on blogger. It doesn’t matter what I do. Anyway, if you don’t mind, I thought I’d send you the info for my link to your contest –


Angels With A Purpose said...

That is such an awesome giveaway!

I do have a blogger account, but prefer to keep my homeschooling experiences at the following link:


Keri Mae said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great gift!

BTW, I was a military brat; my daddy was my HERO. So thank you a hundred times over for every sacrifice your family makes for the benefit of mine. I wouldn't trade my upbringing/moving around for anything.


Gerky said...

Please add me to your drawing. I have a post up.


Kathleen Marie said...

I don't homeschool anymore (One child at home who goes to public high school and one foreign exchange student who is stealing our hearts) but I want to say that this is VERY, Very nice of you. May God bless you abundantly!

Ruth said...

This is such a great contest. My son loves to draw and he loves birds. I would love to win this.

Bethany said...

How sweet of you to do this!! I am not very computer "smart" but will somehow get this linked to my site. May be too late but I will definately put something there. I still can't figure it all out!

Oh well, I like your site and this giveaway is very kind!


Dar said...

Oops, I just left a comment on your homeschoolblogger blog. So, I linked to that one, but I'll fix it and link to this one...

I like the idea of the birds and blooms mag. It looks so pretty

Lisa said...

I found your site through your daughters. They visit my daughters @two sisters blog. I wanted to tell you, your blog template is beautiful and I love the music. Have a beautiful weekend. Lisa

Alie said...

Wow! How generous of you to host this giveaway! Thanks! I have linked to your blog and here is my blogsite--I'm on homesteadblogger:

By the way, I think your blog is lovely, I especially like your font. :)

Alie said...

This is such a great give away. My oldest is our family artist and really has a talent. We'd love to have the gifts. I put this on my blog..


Lori said...

Sign me up.
What a great package to give away a the beinning of the school year.

Susan W. said...

Thank you for your sweet generosity as a wonderful way to celebrate back to school! I enjoy hearing about your nature journaling. Have a great weekend!


Modest Mama said...

Oh thanks for this contest. Love them. Here is my link. Can I PM you some time. I have some questions about blogger.

Jenn4Him said...

Oh, I am not to late! I just saw this contest. I am going to post an entry on it on my nature blog...

Suzanne said...

Hi! I posted an entry about the contest on my blog:

Thanks for hosting this!

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea. Thank you for sharing with us. I blogged about the contest at

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

What fun! Thanks for this chance to win some fun stuff! You can find my link for this contest at:

Gina O.

Sarah said...

Great give away! I linked you in my blog:

Thanks so much!

Sunydazy said...

Please enter me! How fun!
This is my first visit to your blog. Lovely!
Here's my linking post:

John said...

Please enter me. I visit your blog almost every time I get an email that it is updated. My daughters are your daughter's "friends as well on homeschool blogger. My blog is:


Madeleine said...

WOW!! this is amazing!!

You done good in deciding what would be a good prize!!

I am not re-applying for the contest, just stopping by and saying....WOW!! :)

Teacher Mom said...

Here's keeping my fingers crossed! What a sweet, fun thing to do!! I'll be happy for whoever wins! (oh let it be me) heehee

SuperAngel said...

I have been trying for an hour to leave you a comment for the Fall Back to Homeschool Giveaway. The verification would not load, and of course, it is now loaded. UGH!! I see that you closed comments on it, but if you could please enter me, I would be very grateful!!
Here is my entry in case:
Thank you!!


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