Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday's Fillings...

Today we had our bi-monthly park day
with our homeschool group.
The temperature was still a little high, 80's,
but the breeze was wonderfully refreshing!

The children enjoyed playing at the park...

Carolynne and Beth going to play,
they had been holding hands... so precious!

Will thought it would be fun to try some pull-ups. ;o)
... just like his Daddy does.

Ally and a friend spent some time doing their Bible study

as they sat on the swings.

As the children played,
the mamas enjoyed the opportunity to fellowship. ;o)

Ally, also, enjoyed taking some photos while we were there.
She took a photo of this molted cicada shell...
(we're pretty sure that's what it is)

(you can click on the image to see it larger)

It was interesting to learn more about it.
God's creation is so fascinating!

Oh, while we were at the park my beloved called!
It was a blessing to talk with him a little while! ;o)

Tomorrow we hope to spend most of the day sewing.
It's been a little while since we've sat down to sew
and we are looking forward to it.

I hope y'all enjoyed your day!


Bren said...

What a wonderful day. The pic of the girls should be a post card!! I think I would be framing that one.
Glad your honey called..I am sure that always brightens an already wonderful day.
I am making the jump from quilting to clothing in the next week. I plan to make Charlotte a jumper out of either denim or corduroy. Do you do anything special to the inside seams to make them more stable??

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Looks like you all had a fun day!

Yes, that is a cicada shell, here in Michigan they are ALL OVER. They seem to be so much louder this year. I don't remember them much when I was a kid.

Glad you were able to talk with your hubby, what a blessing that was for you.

Hope you have a great weekend.

tumbleweeds said...

I just wanted to say you have a truly wonderful blog here, and since visiting the other day for the first time, I can help but come back for more interesting tid bits.... I also want to say THANK YOU so much for the post of links for modest clothing. This is something the LORD has been working on me with as I grew up such a tomboy(3 older brothers) and I do have a younger sister but she was moms girly girl. I am just now learning to dress like a young lady, and I am so glad that my daughter (11)is a girly girl and is more open to the modest dresses (of course doesnt mind having to get dirty ever so often either). Those links are just wonderful. Again thanks for sharing.

Ron and Ginny said...

Those cicada shells give me the willies. I can't stand to be doing something and suddenly be surprised by one of those things. One of these days I am going to pass out and my husband will find me and laugh when he finds out what caused my time of enforced repose. One time I was hanging the garden hose back up and turned my head and my face was about two inches from one of those things!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! 8-{

SuperAngel said...

I have been trying for an hour to leave you a comment for the Fall Back to Homeschool Giveaway. The verification would not load, and of course, it is now loaded. UGH!! I see that you closed comments on it, but if you could please enter me, I would be very grateful!!
Here is my entry in case:
Thank you!!

HsKubes said...

Bren ~ I thought the photo of the lil' girls was precious, too. ;o)
And, yes, it surely does brighten the day when my beloved calls.
How exciting your jumping to sewing clothing. ;o) Corduroy sounds wonderful! I do zigzag stitch my inside seams. It takes a little extra time but it is worth it. Hope that helps. Happy sewing!

Amy ~ Yes, we had a fun day. ;o)
When we lived in Ohio the cicadas were ALL over, too, and very loud.
Yes, it sure was a blessing to talk with my beloved. ;o)

Tumbleweeds ~ Thank you for visiting, again, and thank you so much for your kind words. They are a blessing to me.
You are very welcome for the modest clothing links. In previous years (before I sewed), I found they were very helpful to have handy. I will pray for you as the Lord works in your heart.
My girls, too, love to get dirty. I have them wear bloomers and such underneath, too, to help with their being so active. ;o)

Ginny ~ They sure are pretty creepy though I've never been as close to one as you. ;o)

~ Christina


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