Monday, September 24, 2007

Musical Glasses...

During our revival this week,
our evangelist is not only preaching
the precious and powerful Word of God,
he is, also, sharing with us
his multi-musical abilities.
What a blessing it has been!
One of the gifts he has been blessed with
is playing musical glasses.
I thought I would share the video
of his playing "How Great Thou Art".

With the background music
playing on my blog,
you may have difficulty hearing
the delicate sounds from the glasses. ;o)
If so, you can click HERE to listen.


melissa said...

Good Monday morning,
We had this evangelist in our church here in Alaska this spring or early summer. Enjoy. My kids still try to "play" musical glasses at home.

Susan said...

I don't think I've ever seen musical glasses before, but it did sound beautiful!

Mrs. C said...

Years ago I remember Mrs. Merril of the Musical Merrils playing her "singing glasses." It's amazing!
Mrs. C

Amy/BookLover said...

That is really neat! I was wondering why you left HSB?

Karen said...

How pretty and talented.

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

How wonderful! Praying for your church as you have revival services this week.


Happymama said...

That was so nice. I know that's been a blessing this week. Thanks for sharing it with us!


HsKubes said...

Melissa ~ How neat that y'all had him at your church. I'm assuming y'all are ifb. His music has been such a blessing to us (as has his preaching). My two eldest have been talking about getting glasses down and trying this, too. lol

Susan ~ I had never seen anyone play them either. It was beautiful. ;o)

Mrs. C ~ Yes, it is amazing how those glasses can make such beautiful music. What a blessing, though, when used for God's glory.

Amy ~ Yes, it was very interesting and enjoyable. ;o)
I left HSB because I was having way too many technical problems (pages wouldn't load, losing posts, etc...) and when they made their changes, I didn't find them very user-friendly so I decided to switch. Hope that helps.

Karen ~ It was very pretty and he is very blessed with musical talent. It has been a blessing.

Amy ~ It was wonderful. Thank you for your prayers. We sure appreciate them.

Kristi ~ Yes, it has been a blessing. You're very welcome. ;o)

~ Christina


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