Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Homeschool Open House 2007...

Tiany is hosting a Homeschool Open House
and I thought it would fun to participate.
Plus, she has some wonderful possible prizes. ;o)
If you'd like to participate, be sure to visit
her post.

Welcome to our Haven at Home!

Who We Are:
For those that do not know us,
we are a Christian, homeschooling,
active duty military family.
We have been blessed with four precious children,
ages 3(dd), 4(dd), 9(ds), and 14(dd).

We are about to enter our 9th year of home education.
We LOVE having our children home with us
and would never want it any other way. ;o)

Our Approach ...
We enjoy a relaxed, mostly living books approach
in our home education endeavors.
We have a 'skeleton' of a routine
but take full advantage of impromtu learning moments
and adapt to anything else that arises.

I like to begin our day together
with Bible and breakfast,
a little house blessing (picking up),
and then proceed to our learning moments.
My goal is to keep our 'official' learning moments
during the morning hours
with having nature study
and 'enrichment' times in the afternoon.
However, I am quite flexible
and we adjust where needed. ;o)
I often reevaluate our 'skeleton of a routine'
and rearrange when necessary.

Where We Learn...
Our learning is never limited to one room,
nor limited to indoors. ;o)
We tend to be in different rooms at different times.
There is no pattern in where we choose to learn.
We simply learn where we feel like learning at that time.

Many times, we use our dining room table...

Or we'll spend time in the room
that we fondly call our Reading Room...

Or in a bedroom...

Or outside...

Even in the van...

I would have to say, though, that our favorite place
would be the living room couch...

Those are really precious times!

What We Use...

I'll begin with what we do not use...
We do not use a set curriculum.
We piece together our own, personal 'curriculum'.
Each year is different.
We evaluate what we accomplished the year before,
what our interests are, what our goals are,
what we have available, etc...
Sometimes we change gears during the year
and decide to do something different

than originally planned.
This may not work for all but it works for us. ;o)

This year, we will be using much of the same plan
that we drew up for last year

with a few adjustments.
I am still in the planning stages
but below is a bit of a rough draft of our
upcoming intended 'curriculum'...

(with all)
Handbook of Nature Study

"The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady", Edith Holden
"Birds and Blooms" magazine
Nature Study/Journals

(for 9 year old/4th grade)
Burgess' Nature Books for Children,

by Thorton W. Burgess
The Holling C. Holling Series

(for 14 year old/11th grade)
Apologia's Advanced Chemistry in Creation

(9 yrs/4th grade)
Math Facts for Copywork
Ray's Primary Arithmetic
Multiplication to Classical Music
Misc. Math Games

Online drills

(14yrs/11th grade)
likely, Teaching Textbook's Pre-Calculus

Learning Through History magazines

(9yo/4th grade)
Finish current Beautiful Feet Books
American History living books list (still compiling)
Ancient history- History Pockets and living books
Modern Rhymes for Ancient Times series
Galloping the Globe
Book of Centuries/timeline
History/Geography Games

(14yo/11th grade)
Finish Starting Points, David Quine
(will give American History credit)
Worldview course (mid-year)
finish Mystery Of History 2
Living Books

Language Arts:
possibly Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, I.E.W.
Bible study/memorization
Poetry study/memorization

(9yo/4th grade)
Language Lessons for the Elementary Child
possibly Phonetic Zoo

(14yo/11th grade)
continuing in Starting Points
focusing on Literature

Music Study:
"Battle Hyme of the Republic" (Color the Classics)
John Newton (Color the Classics)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ludwig van Beethoven
possible composers to be decided
Learn a hymn a week
Hymn history

(9yo/4th grade)
Beginner piano lessons at home

(14yo/11th grade)
Daily piano playing and progression
Violin lessons via video and daily practice
Guitar lessons via cd continued
Singing lessons/practice with Mom and via video

Artist Study:
Mary Cassatt
Leonardo DiVinci
more to be decided
personal painting/drawing

Bible/Character Study:
Proverbs Time
Family Bible Reading

(9yo/4th grade)
Daily personal Bible reading/prayer time
The Squire and the Scroll
Life Lessons from the Squire and the Scroll
"Anecdotes for Boys"

(14yo/11th grade)
Daily personal Bible reading/prayer time
"A Practical Directory", Harvey Newcomb
"Anecdotes for Girls", Harvey Newcomb
"How to Be a Lady", Harvey Newcomb
Miscellaneous, chosen by child/parents

Personal Reading/Addition Literature:
(Read alouds for all)
"The Little Preacher", Elizabeth Prentiss
"The White Knights", W.E. Cule (Lamplighter)
"A Girl of Limberlost", Gene Stratton-Porter
"Twelve Youthful Martyrs", Esther E. Enock
"Her Mother's Bible", Isabella Alden
"Hedge Fence", Isabella Alden
"Autumn with the Moody's", Sara Maxwell

Individual reading list to be decided

We, also, plan to begin a few informal
learning times with the lil' girls.
We are still, somewhat, in our planning stage
but this has been a rough draft of our plans.
We will sometimes make changes in the year
to better suit our needs and such
or if I find a resource on our bookshelf.

Tips and Tidbits:

*Approach and continue in fervent prayer.
We desperately need God's guidance and help.

* Keep our focus on why we have our children at home
and keep an eternal perspective,
not allowing academic pressures to distract our main goal
of raising our children for Christ.

* Begin/continue to read books on home education.
(I have a few recommendations in my sidebar)
There are many books available that can be a great help
in encouarging us, motivating us, teaching us, etc...
It is worth the time to sit, read, and be refreshed.

*Learn with them.
Home education is a way of life.
What a joy it can be to learn right along with
our precious ones as they are learning.
They, after all, learn by example.
And we are never too old to learn a thing or two. ;o)

*Enjoy the moments with our precious ones! ;o)
Though it may not seem like it somedays,
our time with our precious blessings is quite brief.
May we enjoy them as the Lord intended.

Thank you for visiting our Haven at Home with us!

I look forward to visiting and meeting
other families that home educate!

Send Them Onward With a Smile...

Send Then Onward With a Smile

Do not worry, little mother,
If there are tracks upon your floor;
Years go by - you'll soon be wishing
You could see those tracks once more.
There won't be much satisfaction,
Looking back along the way,
Though we kept our house all shining,
If we scolded every day.

Yes, I know that little garments,
Sadly torn and out of place,
Make it hard for tired mothers,
Hard to wear a smiling face;
But they'll leave the home nest shortly,
Some may fly to foreign lands;
Then your house will be in order,
But you'll sit with folded hands.

So let's all enjoy each minute,
Of those lovely childhood days;
Just forget the dust that gathers,
Just enjoy their childish play.
Yesterday they were but babies;
Now they're with us for a while,
But tomorrow they'll be going,
Send them onward with a smile.

~ author unknown

Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend's Ways...

When picking something up
for our son's upcoming birthday,
I came across these interesting puzzles... well, quizzles.
Has anyone else seen these?

(Click on the image to enlarge)

After piecing this puzzle together, you label the pictures.
Ally enjoyed the challenge of putting one of them together...

She enjoyed learning the names to many flowers.

Will enjoyed stamping...

The lil' girls enjoyed doing puzzles, too...

I was able to sew up a new dress...

Saturday evening,
Ally enjoyed working with her calligraphy set...

She copied down her favorite Scripture verse...

Isaiah 40:31 ~
"But they that wait upon the LORD
shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk, and not faint."

And it was a blessing to be
in God's house on the Lord's Day.
I hope y'all enjoyed your weekend, too. ;o)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Looking Unto Jesus...

I came across a 'new to me' song this week.
The words were a real blessing to me.
I sang it this morning at church
and wanted to share the words.

Looking Unto Jesus

I'm looking unto Jesus;
He's my Savior and my friend,
The Author and Creator,
Beginning and the End.
Oh, my eyes are fixed upon Him,
He who died to take my place.
My heart is bent to serve Him;
His pattern I must trace.

I'm looking unto Jesus
I'm feasting on His Word.
I'll turn not to the left, the right,
I will not face the rear.
When friend or foe forsake me,
Lord, I will not shrink in fear.
I am looking to the King of kings.

I'm looking unto Jesus,
He, who laid out ev'ry course.
He's run the race before us,
of strength, the runner's source.
Oh, consider with attention
He who took a servant's form;
Completed the requirement,
to His Father's will conformed.

I'm looking unto Jesus
I'm feasting on His Word.
I'll turn not to the left, the right,
I will not face the rear.
When friend or foe forsake me,
Lord, I will not shrink in fear.
I am looking to the King of kings.

I'll run the race with patience,
and endure what God seems best.
I'll lay aside the sinful weights
that make me fail the test.
I will search the Holy Scriptures
that can ev'ry problem solve.
I'll serve my God and Savior
and that with great resolve!

I'm looking unto Jesus
I'm feasting on His Word.
I'll turn not to the left, the right,
I will not face the rear.
When friend or foe forsake me,
Lord, I will not shrink in fear.
I am looking to the King of kings.

"Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about
with so great a cloud of witnesses,
let us lay aside every weight,
and the sin which doth so easily beset us,
and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,
Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;
who for the joy that was set before him
endured the cross, despising the shame,
and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.
For consider him that endured
such contradiction of sinners against himself,
lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds."
~ Hebrews 12:1-3

**Updated Saturday, August 4, 2007**

Ally and I recorded this song to share.
To hear it, play video below.
Background music on my blog can be stopped
in the right sidebar.

Be sure to read the words of the song as you listen. ;o)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Home Safe and Tidbits from Our Trip...

Last night, we arrived safely home
from Ally's appointment (around 11:45pm).
It sure made for a long day.
We were out of our home 10 hours
between travelling and being at the hospital.
Her MRI took almost two hours
but she did just fine (so did the rest of us)
and we hope to know more next week.

Thank you to those that were praying!
The Lord gave us safe travel
and we, also, enjoyed the day! ;o)

In the van, the children enjoyed their books,
toys, coloring books, etc...
Carolynne and Beth spent time coloring...

Will did some reading and also spent some time
playing with our GeoSafari laptop...

Ally made good use of her time, too,
and worked on her grammar lessons...

We arrived at the hospital a little early
(to avoid rush hour traffic)
so we spent time in the lobby.
The children enjoyed watching the ball-maze thingy
(I really have no idea what to call it)...

They didn't tire of watching all of the balls
go through the mazes and such.

Ally brought her piano books this time
and enjoyed playing the piano they had available...

While Ally played the piano,
the lil' girls thought it would be fun to spin...


As it got closer to Ally's appointment time
we headed to check her in...

But not without stopping to look
at some of the 'attractions'...

Victorian dollhouse

Barnyard chess set

When we arrived, the children were delighted
to have a waiting room that appealed to them...

Here was Ally filling out paperwork...

During the almost two hours of her MRI,
the children and I found the hospital gift shop
to get a couple of snacks.
We, also, found something across from the gift shop
that we were eager to show Ally afterwards.
She was SO excited when she saw it...

She would love to one day have a baby grand.

The ride home was quiet with the children sleeping.
Ally and I enjoyed the time talking

and listening to our classical music.
All the way home we enjoyed
Vivaldi's "Four Seasons".

We were very thankful our visit and our trip went well.
Thank you, again, for those that were praying
and thinking of us. ;o)

Here is a photo of the lil' girls sleeping during the ride...

I just love how they hold hands when they sleep!

Hope y'all enjoy your day!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wednesday's Neighborhood Bible Club...

This week has been so busy for us
but I wanted to post a few photos
from our Bible club this week.

It was a real blessing to have
a break in the heat this week.
It sure makes being outdoors
a little more enjoyable. ;o)

We started Bible club with a relay race
which we all really enjoyed...

The children were amused to see adults participating, too!

We always enjoy the singing time, too.
Here they are singing "Grow, Grow, Grow"...

"Read your Bible, pray everyday,
pray everyday, pray everyday,
read your Bible, pray everyday
and you'll grow, grow, grow"

Here we are singing "Jesus Loves Me"
and, also, using sign language...

And one of the children's favorites, "Stop and Go"...

The Bible time lesson was about
Christ's crucifixion and resurrection...

Afterwards, Ally asked questions about the Bible lesson...

We have one more week left of Neighborhood Bible Club
and then we'll be having Vacation Bible School at church.

What a joy having Bible club has been!
I look forward to our upcoming VBS, too!


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