Monday, July 2, 2007

Monday's Musings...

Thank you to those
that were praying for our
trip today.
We made it there and back safely
and even missed rush hour traffic!
Praise the Lord!

On our way there,
the children spent a lot of time reading...

(Carolynne looking at our Pictoral Primer
and a Beatrix Potter book waiting next to her...
I think it was Benjamin Bunny.)

(Beth looking through a Beatrix Potter book...
either Peter Rabbit or Jemima Puddleduck)

(Will reading Stuart Little.
He also had a few living science books he enjoyed.)

Before working on Chemistry,
Ally enjoyed the wind through her hair...

We all enjoyed listening to classical music
(our fine arts for the day),
our Harmony at Home cd (by Patch the Pirate)
(character studies and music),
and a story by G.A. Henty (read by Jim Weiss)
(literature and history).

It was a blessing that both doctors
were able to see us earlier than our appointments.
We are awaiting lab results
and will be returning for more tests.
We were glad to hear the endocrinologist
say that she thinks we may be able
to start weaning Ally off of her thyroid meds
(as long as the labs come back okay).
That is a wonderful praise!

We finished up with our appointments and such
around 3:30 and were able to miss
the majority of the rush hour traffic! Woo hoo!

On the way home,
Will continued to read Stuart Little.
Ally was tired and found rest...

Carolynne, too, fell asleep
and Beth sat, relaxing...

We were glad to arrive home this evening

and the children were thrilled to run around outside
and then head to bed. ;o)
It was an enjoyable day, though,
and we are thankful the Lord blessed and protected.


Karen said...

Hi Christina,
I'm so glad you had safe travel and a good experience with the doctors. I was curious because Christie,Jason, and I went to Greenville to see an endocrinologist. She was referred by her doctor on base. If you saw the same one, she was excellent!
We are in Winston-Salem and there are some very good endos here, too. Christie has not had to see one here since she's been home, but we've got several to choose from if need be.
I pray the test results will be good!
Blessings and enjoy your 4th!

Jessica said...

Praise the Lord, the day went well. Praying that the labs come back with good news.

Dina said...

Thank god you are back safe and all well. I enjoyed looking at your kids with books in their hands. I cannot read whilst in a car it makes me feel sick.

Pieces From Me said...

It not only sounds like your trip was safe, but also somewhat enjoyable. "Patch the Pirate"! Now there is a memory! My "big" boys had a huge Patch the Pirate puppet when they were little. He was the main theme in the Sunday School curriculum we used in our church back then. I was the director of the preschool/kindergarten and bought the puppets. Thanks for the sweet memory. I had not heard of Patch in many years. Bren

Kelley said...

So glad that you had traveling mercies and made it home safely!
Have a blessed holiday and please tell your husband that the Burkey family thanks him from the bottom of their heart for the sacrafice he and his family are making for us and this great country of ours!
We appreciate you all!

Melody said...

Thank you so much for your update! It is good to hear that your trip went well.

Tracy said...

I'm thankful for your safe travel. I pray that Ally's tests come back with good results.

I've been on thyroid meds for 12 years now!

madeleine said...

OH! I hope she is able to wean of the meds!! I, have been on them, and though they are not "fun" to take every day, I truly need them, so....

I will be praying for good results for her!!

And the trip seemed so peaceful. I'm glad the children were understanding of such a long trip. Mine generally are like that also, and I didn't appreciate it until I was on a trip that had impatient ( for lack of a better word)children.

Have a great day! ~madeleine

Amy ~ said...

So happy you all had a safe trip there and back home. Will continue to pray for the Dr as they try to find some answers for Ally. Praying for Ally that she will be feeling better soon.

(I have the same 2 booster seats for my twins except the one that Carolynne is in mine is gray tones)

Have a wonderful Independence Day tomorrow!

Sharon said...

I'm so glad you had a safe trip and that there may be some very good news coming about Ally's tests. I'll continue praying that she can be weaned off the meds.

Happy 4th of July!

Julie's Jewels said...

Finally I'll be allowed to post a comment. I tried and tried and for some reason it wouldn't let me.

I'm glad your trip went well. That is alot of driving in one day for sure. Looks like the kids did well with it though.

HsKubes said...

Karen ~ I commented on your blog. ;o) Thank you for your prayers.

Jess ~ Thank you so much for your prayers. *Ü*

Dina ~ We are thankful that we made it home safely, too. My children love to read while we travel.

Bren ~ Yes, it was somewhat enjoyable. We try to make the best out of trips like that. We like a few of the Patch songs. We don't listen to a lot of them but we do have a few favorites. I'm glad it brought back fond memories for you. ;o)

Kelley ~ Thank you for your thoughts and encouraging words.

Melody ~ We are glad it went well, too. Thank you for prayers.

Tracy ~ Thank you for your prayers. We are praying she will be able to wean off of it, too. I have heard that many people have to stay on it long term. We are rejoicing in the possibility.

Madeleine ~ Thank you for your prayers. It sure is helpful when the children cooperate... though it's not always like that. ;o) So I am particularly thankful when they handle it well. ;o)

Amy ~ Thank you for your continued prayers. We appreciate them so much. How funny you have the same booster seats! lol

Sharon ~ Thank you for your continued prayers. They mean a lot to us.

Julie ~ Glad you were able to get your comment through. Glad to see y'all made it home safely, too.

~ Christina


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