Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday's Fillings...

This morning, Will and I arose early
to head to his junior golf tournament.
There were three of them in his group
and they were the first group to start...

Here are a couple of shots with Will teeing off...

Here was a putt shot...

which he made... ;o)

One of his shots landed at the bottom of a tree,
which he had to search for...

It landed on the other side of this tree
and he was able to hit it out.

On the course, we were able to see Henry,
who lives at the course, near the water with a friend...

Just had to share this because I know how much
my beloved must miss him... LOL
(He's a really mean swan... sorry, but it's true)

Will did not return home with a trophy
but he did have a good time and a good attitude. ;o)
He enjoyed playing in his first tournament.

After the tournament was over,
we went home to pick up all of the girls
to head to our homeschool park day.

When I arrived home,
Ally had cleaned the house, made lunches,
made sourdough to rise for supper,
and had the lil' girls ready to go!
What a sweet blessing that was!

Though it was another scorcher out today,
the children enjoyed their time at the park.
Here they were playing on one of those 'springy thingys'...

Even Ally was feeling well enough to ride one...

LOL... ;o)

They all enjoyed swinging, too...

After the park, our friends came over

for our sourdough pizza night.
The younger ones played,
the older girls played and worked on handicrafts.
Ally worked on their matching dresses.
The mamas enjoyed relaxing, talking,
looking at homeschool catalogs, and making lists. ;o)

I even got to squeeze in a phone chat with my beloved!
That always puts a bigger smile on my face!

I hope y'all have enjoyed your week!


Pam said...

I love Will's little golging cap!! He looks so handsome and debonair in it!

I also enjoyed scrolling through all your posts from this past week with such great photos!! You all certainly know how to stay busy in a positive way!!

Hubby said...

Will, I'm glad you had fun... It looks like that putt was at least 7 feet away!! And yes (oddly enough) I sort of miss Henry ;)

The girls (and Will) look like they really enjoyed themselves at the park. So much fun they lost a shoe or two. :) I'm also glad to see that Ally was able to participate and "go for a ride"...

Love ya,

Alesha said...

well, I was going to leave a comment stating that the pics of the 2 little girls on the swings were wonderful. BUT I figure after you read the above comment, it won't really matter what I say! :-) Glad ya'll had a good day!

madeleine said...

Aww chucks.

What great kids you have!! I love to be "refreshed" by your posts.

What a blessing to come home and life is running smoothly. Ally sounds like a joy! There have been times when Chloe has done that, and it just ,makes my heart so joy-filled.

And YAY!!! I get so happy for you when you get to talk to your dear husband!! I can't imagine the sacrife, though I am ever thankful for it.
Have a good Lord's day! ~madeleine

Ron and Ginny said...

You had such a fun day that it put a smile on my face! ;-) I LOVE to swing, too! It has been a long time...

Happymama said...

Awwwwwwwwww, I see "Hubby" left you a comment....isn't that sweeeeet!!!!

I had to laugh at you calling those things at the park springy thingys. I've never known what to call them either. LOL

WILL! You looked so professional in your hat! I loved it! A pair of nikkers and you would have looked like Payne Stewart out there! Glad you had a good time.


MyHubbysHelper said...

Hi Christina, I just wanted to pop in and tell you that I now have a Blog for you to visit.
Have a great day!!!
Mrs. Bowman

Karen said...

How wonderful for Will to have golf in common with his dad! Gordon sometimes takes Alaina with him, but he's looking forward to taking little Austin someday!
I've never known a "nice" swan. We had a run-in with one at the zoo when the older girls were little. I came very close to "wringing his neck!" LOL!
I'm laughing very hard at Ally and her riding experience! That's just too funny. Was she able to get back up???
I'm glad you were able to speak with your sweetie, and thank you for the well-wishes on our anniversary! Those pictures really made me feel old. ;0)

HsKubes said...

We knew you missed Henry. LOL We sure thought of you when we saw him. hee hee
Yes, the girls did lose a shoe or two at the park. You know those girls. ;o)

We sure MISS you and LOVE you!

HsKubes said...

Pam ~ Thank you! We love Will's golfing cap, too. ;o)
Glad you enjoyed sharing our week with us. Yes, we sure are staying busy. ;o)

Alesha ~ lol... It was still great to hear from you.

Madeleine ~ Thank you for your kind words. They're such an encouragement to me!
It sure was a blessing to come home and see that things were running smoothly and that she had gone the extra mile. I know it blessed your heart, too, the times Chloe has served in love. What a joy it is to see our children's heart of service and kindness.
I'm am happy, too, when I am able to speak to my beloved. Those times are few but are such a joy!

Ginny ~ So glad you got a smile visiting. ;o) I love to swing, too!

Kristi ~ Yes, I sure love when 'hubby' leaves a comment. ;o)
lol... spring thingy is the only name I could come up with. ;o)

Mrs. Bowman ~ How exciting that you set up a blog!!

Karen ~ It is very nice that Will and my beloved share their golf interest. Ally shares it, too, but she's unable to play now. They all enjoying golfing together. Actually, I enjoy it as well. ;o)
How nice that your husband takes Alaina. I'm sure he does look forward to one day taking Austin... he can start him early. ;o)
We haven't 'met' a nice swan either. Henry is outright hostile. ;o)
I was laughing at Ally's ride, too. I was quite surprised that she did it. Yes, she was able to get back up. lol... I had caught her in that position as she was rocking back and forth. She did have a fun time!

Hope y'all are enjoying your week!
~ Christina


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