Monday, July 16, 2007

Sew Very Busy Weekend...

On Friday, we had friends over for our pizza night
(no sourdough, though, because I forgot to feed it... oops).
During the day, my friend and I spent much time
at the dining room table sewing together.
It was a great time of fellowship,
as well as a great time of finishing up some projects!

I chose to work on dresses for the girls
(that I had cut out 2 years ago!...
how's that for procrastination?!).

It was a Simplicity pattern #8690
(I think it may be out of print).
This particular pattern had a collar,
which I had to relearn because it had been so long.
After ripping the seam out, TWICE,
my memory was refreshed. ;o)
This dress, also, had a zipper,
which I have never done before.
But, through prayer and determination,
I was able to figure it out.

I made Carolynne's dress on Friday
and Beth's dress on Saturday...

Ally worked on her new dress
and she, also, helped me

by hemming one of the girls' dresses...

The lil' girls were so excited to have matching dresses...

Ally was able to finish her new dress, too.
It turned out very lovely!
Here she was sitting with the girls...

I hope y'all enjoyed your weekend.

"She layeth her hands to the spindle,
and her hands hold the distaff."
~ Proverbs 31:19


Hubby said...

That's so funny!! I thought procrastination and then read :) The dresses look great, Honey. Ally, you did a Great job, too!! I really like the flowers. Where did the little girls go? I have to ask, 'cause those are not the same little girls that were there when I left!! I am thinking, Loving and praying for you.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I have many of thm ufp too. The girls are so cute. It is refreshing to see little girls look like ladies.


The girls look like twin dolls. The dresses are all beautiful. you all did a great job.

I would like for you to go to my blog tomorrow afternoon, I have something for you. I want you to know that if you chose not to accept it I will understand but I think you truly deserve it. I want you to know how much I love your blog, your family and just your outlook on life. I love that you use the kjv and that the Lord is shown in every thing you say and do. You are a great mom, HsKubes and I am so happy to "know" you even if thourgh your blog. connie from Texas

Pieces From Me said...

The girls dresses are adorable! So cute. And Allie is such a wonderful seamstress. What a talent. Thank you for sharing your family.

Amy ~ said...

Great job! The girls dresses are so pretty! Glad you were able to get much sewing accomplished this weekend, and also a time of fellowship with your friends~

Love Ally's flower material~ very pretty!

Have a great week

Mrs. C said...

The girls (and their dresses) are lovely! You and Ally are quite the seamstresses. ;)
Mrs. C

Ron and Ginny said...


The dresses are lovely. The girls look very happy. I really like matching stuff, but I have yet to get the courage to sew men's stuff. I tried shorts once, but they were not comfy and hubby didn't like them. I did a tie after that, but it did not drape right, etc. LOL! Since then I have not tried any men's stuff. When I make things for other people's children, I usually knit or crochet. Safer. heehee I sew all my own stuff, though. :-D Keep up the good work. Practice makes perfect (or at least good enough). ;-)

In Christ,


Julie's Jewels said...

Those are some cute dresses!! I can see why the girls were so excited. What a blessing that your oldest daughter can sew so well. My girls and I sew but nothing like that. We haven't quite branched out and done patterns like that. We do the really simple ones!!

Anonymous said...

I love it ,I love it! You couldn't have done any better! The collars looked perfect. I bet they were not easy.

You soooo make me want to sew!

Love the Lord, Lisa

Kelli said...

Your girls are lovely and so are their new dresses! I love the green collars and matching sleeve trim and Ally's daisy print is so cheery!

The Cheerio Queen said...

what darling dresses! Sounds like Sewing was the thing to do this weekend. I finally broke in my new sewing machine! all I can say is thank heavens for my grandma! She was such a wonderful helper and teacher! I will post on my blog about it either tomorrow or Wednesday because I am still finishing the dress for my daughter. When it is done I will post a pic of that and my son's blankie that I fixed. :)

Pam said...

I loved the summery flowers on Ally's new dress. The little girls smiles were so adorable, as usual. But my favorite photo was the one where their brightly colored Crocs are shown sticking out from their lovely new dresses. It made me smile!

Anonymous said...

OH my, you are all so gifted with a sewing machine. I started on a three tiered broom skirt, made the biggest size available in the pattern and it didnt fit! BUt I think if I move the wait further down, it can be salvaged. I think I may have the pattern that you made Beth and Carolyn's dresses with, I wanted to make several dresses in several sizes to put away in my hope chest for when we have children. I hope your all doing well and that Ally is feeling Great!! Have a wonderful day!
Mrs. Bowman

Tracy said...

You ladies did a beautiful job, Christina! I love the girls' matching dresses. And Ally's is very pretty as well. She used the same fabric that I just used to make Abigail a skrt.

Brenda said...

Wonderful job on your daughter's matching dresses!! :)

Happymama said...

As usual, Ally's dress is beautiful. And I love, love, LOVE the little girl's dresses. They're very prairie-like!

I'm afraid to try zippers myself. I suppose I should get my mother in law to teach me. :)


Anonymous said...

Great job!!!They all look so sweet
Isn't it fun sewing, keep on trying
new things,thats how you learn.Now
you need to send me a "photo"
Love you

HsKubes said...

Hiya Honey! It's always wonderful to get a comment from you! Yes, the lil' girls aren't as little when you left. We sure miss you and love you!

HsKubes said...

Elizabeth ~ Thank you very much. ;o) We do like our girls to look like ladies. *Ü*

Connie ~ Thank you. I have people ask me often if the gilrs are twins. I thought matching dresses would be so cute!
Thank you so much for your kind words. It is a blessing to me to know that my blog reflects and honors the Lord Jesus Christ. Your words of encouragement mean a lot. Thank you.

Pieces of Me ~ Thank you. Ally does love to sew, too. She just learned this year but has really caught on. ;o)

Amy ~ Thank you! I was very glad that we were able to get some sewing finished AND spend time with friends.

Mrs. C ~ Thank you! We do love to sew and are learning as we go. ;o)

Ginny ~ Thank you. ;o)I love the idea of matching clothes, too, and I was glad to get around to doing it. My goal is to one day have all of us match in something. ;o) I haven't really tried any men's clothing, yet, but hope to sometime. I tend to learn through trial and error and I anticipate I'll be learning a lot when I try sewing men's clothing. ;o)

Julie ~ Thank you. *Ü* The girls were very excited. It is a real blessing that Ally can sew and that she loves to do it. It's great that y'all sew, too. It's a lot of fun when you branch off into patterns but simple works great, too. ;o)

Lisa ~ Thank you! Actually, the collar wasn't too hard (after I remembered how to do it right... lol). I'd love to see you sew something. Maybe when you move here, we can get together and have a 'sewing bee'. ;o)

Kelli ~ Thank you very much. ;o) I like to add contrasting colors. And I really liked Ally's fabric, too. Very summery.

Jenna ~ Thank you. ;o) How great that you broke in your new machine! And grammas are such a blessing! How wonderful that seh taught you how to sew. I look forward to seeing pictures of your finished projects.

Pam ~ Thank you. And I really like Ally's print, too. I thought the lil' girls Crocs went well with their new dresses. lol.

Mrs. Bowman ~ Thank you. We sure enjoy sewing. There have been times when I have made things that do not fit right. Usually, they can be salvaged but it is always a learning lesson for me. ;o)
What a wonderful idea to add little dresses to your hope chest! How special!
Ally is feeling a little better the last couple of days. Thank you so much for always checking in on her and thinking of her. That means so much!

Tracy ~ Thank you! ;o) I saw the skirt you mentioned. Very pretty. I love the ruffles! Daisies are a wonderful summer print!

Brenda ~ Thank you very much. *Ü*

Kristi ~ Thank you. I like the little prairie look. ;o) The zipper really wasn't so hard. I think I liked it better than doing buttons. ;o)

~ Christina

HsKubes said...

Mommy ~ Yes, sewing is SO much fun!! I was glad I tried something new. ;o) You're always great at encouraging me to do that. ;o)
I will try to order some prints to send you... I really need to work on getting prints from my digital camera, huh?? {{sheepish grin}}
I love you, Mommy!

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

First...I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who cuts one year and sews the next! (Or the next after that.)


Those dresses are darling, but not near as precious as the countenance of children who feel well cared for.

Elaine said...

What lovely dresses!


HsKubes said...

Grafted Branch ~ It was quite the procrastination project, huh? lol
Thank you for your kind comments. ;o)

Elaine ~ Thank you very much.

~ Christina


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