Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend's Ways...

When picking something up
for our son's upcoming birthday,
I came across these interesting puzzles... well, quizzles.
Has anyone else seen these?

(Click on the image to enlarge)

After piecing this puzzle together, you label the pictures.
Ally enjoyed the challenge of putting one of them together...

She enjoyed learning the names to many flowers.

Will enjoyed stamping...

The lil' girls enjoyed doing puzzles, too...

I was able to sew up a new dress...

Saturday evening,
Ally enjoyed working with her calligraphy set...

She copied down her favorite Scripture verse...

Isaiah 40:31 ~
"But they that wait upon the LORD
shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk, and not faint."

And it was a blessing to be
in God's house on the Lord's Day.
I hope y'all enjoyed your weekend, too. ;o)


Pam said...

Great educational tools, those quizzles!

I think your braids are adorable in the photo of you sewing!

I love and cling to Isaiah 40:31 so often in my life!

Have a blessed week.

Tracy said...

What a lovely weekend! Your dress is so pretty, and those puzzles look great. I love calligraphy too. So much is lost today...

MyHubbysHelper said...

Ally's calligraphy is BEAUTIFUL!!! I agree with Pam, your braids are cute and there you go with the sewing again, how do you turn out such craftmanship in such a short time?
Have a great day!!!
Mrs. Bowman

Mrs. C said...

I have not seen the Quizzles before; I'll be on the lookout for them. ;)

Mrs. C

Karen said...

I've not seen them either. I know Alaina would love them.
I'm impressed with how fast you and Ally sew dresses. You are very talented! I also love the blue jean one you are wearing. I love to wear denim dresses and skirts. They are so comfy and wear well, too.

Happymama said...

I've seen the quizzles, but never really looked at them good. They look fun and interesting. Not to mention educational.

By the way, I love your braided pigtails. Very cute!


Holly said...

Hi. Thank you so much for the extra help on the t-shirt dresses. I am going to TRY and make some tomorrow. I was wondering what pattern you use to make the dresses you sew for yourself? Love your new dress. Blessings! ~Holly

Jessica said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! Thanks for sharing about the quizzles, they look interesting.

God bless

Ron and Ginny said...

Those puzzles look really nifty! What an interesting day. I need to get some sewing done, too, but I am in the process of cleaning out the basement so that I can make a sewing room out of it. Ally's calligraphy is beautiful. I have always wanted to do that. :-D

Amy ~ said...

Those quizzles look like so much fun. Do you mind me asking where you bought them?

Love your dress it looks so comfortable. Great job!

I always wanted to learn to write in calligraphy. My mom used to, but it is something that takes a lot of practice.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening.

HsKubes said...

Pam ~ I thought the quizzles would be great educational tools, too, when I saw them. They are really enjoying them!
Thank you! I enjoy wearing my hair in braids now and then. ;o)
Isaiah 40:31 has been a special verse for Ally! I have seen the Lord really use this Scripture in her life... especially this year.

Tracy ~ Thank you. ;o) I agree... the art of writing tends to be lost nowadays. I was glad to see Ally doing calligraphy and to hear Will say that he wants to try it, too!

Mrs. Bowman ~ Thank you (and Ally thanks you). ;o)
I just can't seem to help myself with the sewing. I have so many projects that I hope to do this year. This dress really does take me most of the day. I think I am able to move through it a little more quickly now since I can do it without 'translating' the directions. Once I do a pattern a couple of times, I'm able to do it a little quicker. That's probably why I don't change patterns too often. ;o)

Mrs. C ~ I had not seen the Quizzles before either. I was curious and thrilled when I spotted them. The children have been enjoying them.

Karen ~ Last week was the first time I had seen those Quizzles. I'm sure Alaina would enjoy them. They are an interesting challenge.
Thank you for your kind comments. I don't know how fast we sew but we do devote an entire day to sewing. We like to have that finished project when we start something so we just sew, sew, sew until we get it done. It does get easier to sew a pattern after you've done it a few times. ;o)

Kristi ~ The Quizzles have been fun and interesting. I'm sure your children would enjoy them, too. We love it when learning is fun. ;o)
Thank you for the pigtail braid comment. I enjoy putting my hair like that once in a while. *Ü*

Holly ~ You are very welcome for the extra help. I hope you were able to get one done.
The pattern that I use for the dress is the Square Neck Dress from Common Sense Press. If you do a search online, you'll be able to find them or you can click on my Modest Clothing Links to find their link there. ;o) Hope that helps.
I'd love to know how your t-shirt dress turned out!

Jess ~ You're welcome. They are quite interesting puzzles. ;o)

Ginny ~ The puzzles are great! What fun to have an actual sewing room! I'm sure the work will be worth it!

Amy ~ I found the Quizzles on base at the PX. I haven't seen (or looked) for them anywhere else, yet.
Thank you... this dress pattern is very comfortable! It's a real blessing to find a pattern that we really like. ;o)
Ally has always wanted to learn calligraphy, too. It does take lots of practice (and patience). ;o)

Hope y'all are enjoying your week!
~ Christina


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