Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits...

The last few days
seem to have gone by in a whirlwind.
It appears that
the uneventful, laid back summer
has escaped us. ;o)
We have been, however, joyfully busy,
though I can't recall all that we've been doing.
(Funny how that happens sometimes.)

I just thought I'd share a few photos
from our past few days.
The children have enjoyed creative play
and fellowshipping with friends.
It has been a joy to watch them
and to fellowship, too.

This weekend the children rediscovered
the joy of playing with boxes.
I was able to catch the lil' girls playing with them...

LOL ;o)

They've spent some time the last few days
playing with our playdough, too...

Beth and Carolynne were making strawberry-shaped 'cake'
and Will made a dam at the Atlantic Ocean. ;o)

Ally spent Friday and Saturday
sewing three matching dresses
for her and her two friends.
They turned out so lovely and she was delighted
to have them join us after church on Sunday morning
for our All-Birthdays Celebration.
Here they were at church...

We've also enjoyed spending time at our friends' house
a couple of times the last few days.
The children enjoy getting out in the country
to run around, play, explore, and breathe the country air...

In addition, they get to see country animals
that make country sounds...

Tomorrow continues with our weekly
neighborhood Bible club meeting,
the evening prayer service at church,
and, also, this week the children and I
will be travelling to the university hospital
for an appointment for Ally to get an MRI.

In the midst of this busyness,
it has been a joy to see the children
using their creativity and spending time learning.
We've been reading, playing,
surrounding ourselves with classical music,
and even working on some 'school work'.
I have Will listening to his multiplication facts
to classical music this week
so he can learn the facts he does not know
and practice the ones he already does. ;o)
Ally has been on her own program
and has enjoyed getting a lot of her work finished.

However, we do look forward to
a much anticipated break soon. ;o)

I hope y'all are enjoying your summer!


Happymama said...

I love the way you have the lil girl's hair pulled back. That's so sweet. And Ally's dresses did turn out lovely.


Julie's Jewels said...

Those are great pictures. I hope this comment posts cause I miss getting to post on your site. Please Lord let this work.

Julie's Jewels said...

Yay!!! It let me this time!!! Thank you Lord!!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so beautiful. To me, they show how simplicity equals happiness. The proof is written all over those children's faces. Wonderful, wonderful job! :-)

Pam said...

I wanna run around, play, explore, and breathe in the country air too!!

Loved the precious photos! It reminded me of my boys when they were younger.

Pray you have a good crown at Neighborhood Bible Club tomorrow!

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Those dresses turned out lovely! Oh, how my oldest daughter would love the chance to befriend yours....


MyHubbysHelper said...

WOW!! Ally did a great job on the dresses. I really want to be that skilled with a sewing machine!! I am trying, its just a lot of LEARNING!!! I will take time soon to put some pictures up on my blog when I get a chance. I'm Busy Busy too!!! Have a great day!!!
Mrs. Bowman

Karen said...

What is it about boxes? My girls loved them too. What do we need with toys? Just kidding.
You sound very busy, as I'm noticing a lot of people are this time of year. I thought we were supposed to slow down in the summer, but that's definately not been the case with me. LOL!
I pray for safe travel as you go for Ally's MRI, and for her health, too. I love those dresses she made! 3 dresses in two days. I'm impressed!

HsKubes said...

Kristi ~ Thank you. I was trying to get their hair off of their necks for the heat that day. I thought their little hair buns were cute, too. ;o)
Ally appreciates your comment about the dresses. She worked long but really enjoyed herself.

Julie ~ Thank you! And praise the Lord your comment went through! It's always nice to hear from you.

Malina ~ Thank you. I think simplicity is a wonderful thing!

Pam ~ You're more than welcome to come run around in the country with us anytime! ;o)
Thank you for praying for our Bible club. We appreciate that so much!

Grafted Branch ~ Thank you! If y'all are ever in the coastal NC area, let us know. ;o)

Mrs. Bowman ~ Sewing really is a lot of learning. Ally has made plenty of mistakes to learn from (as have I) and we still continue to learn together. But we think it is a process well worth going through. ;o)
Can't wait to see your photos!

Karen ~ lol... I don't know what it is about boxes but they are lots of fun! We really don't need to provide them with many toys, do we?
I've noticed that many have been quite busy this summer, too. I was very much looking forward to a slow and quite summer but the Lord had other plans. ;o) We are still enjoying ourselves, though.
Thank you for praying as we travel this evening and for her health. We sure appreciate your prayers.

~ Christina


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