Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday's Ways and Thursday's Things...

Yesterday was quite busy for us.
It was day 3 of Will's golf clinic
(and I left my camera at home).
After his golf clinic we picked up the girls
and headed to our assistant pastor's house
to help with the neighborhood Bible club.
We had about 5 of the neighborhood children
show up and that was a real blessing.
We had a great time of games, songs,
and Bible lessons presenting the Gospel...

Ally wasn't feeling very well
so she sat on the porch, in the shade, reading my Bible...

She enjoyed relaxing and listening to the children sing.
We look forward to next week for our next meeting.

This morning, Will and I arose early
to head to his last day of his golf clinic.
They spent their last day at the driving range,
practicing and learning...

Afterwards, all of the children that participated
received a little diploma to take home.
I also signed him up for next week's junior tournament,
which he is excited about.

We headed home to relax
then around lunch time we all headed to a friend's house
for lunch and fellowship.
It was a blessing to see many of them
spending their time reading aloud...

The older girls were 'resting'
and having a little giggle fest...

We headed home this afternoon

so I could tackle the back yard.
The patch of grass we call a yard
desperately needed to be mowed.
It's amazing how much energy
you can use up mowing the grass
(and moving the trampoline
and an upside-down pool of water,
by yourself... phew!).
But it did get done! Woo hoo!

Now we're off to enjoy our supper
(veggie lasagna)
with our special friends. ;o)

Hope y'all are enjoying your week!


Happymama said...

Forgot your camera??? What were you thinking? Ha! Just kidding.

Looks like Neighborhood Bible club was a lot of fun.

Can't wait to hear about Will's tournament. I know he'll have a good time with that.


Kelli said...

The Bible club sounds wonderful, what a blessing for the neighborhood children. It looks like your family had fun with their friends. My girls have those giggle fests too. :0)

Good job on getting the grass cut, it's hard work!


Military Mommy said...

Looks like your summer is full of fun things for you and the kiddos. : ) Glad you are finding lots of fun activities to take part in.

I am so excited. I am making your sourdough bread tomorrow. I just "fed" it and can't wait to smell and taste the results. : )

Have a blessed weekend,

Dina said...

Your neighborhood bible club looks interesting. Hope Ally is feeling better. My daughter has a bit of an asthma attack and I get very scared when this happens as it can get pretty bad. Monday we fly out to germany to be with some friends and I want her to get better, please pray for her. Your son looks really handsome doing golf. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

IS the program called Neighborhood Bible Time, is it your church thats doing it or is it a program being sponsered by your church? I hope things are going better for Ally today!! Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Bowman

Susan Watson said...

We will continue to pray for Ally.
I am glad you guys had a good turnout for Bible club. It's so good to have fellowship with those of like minds! What a gift, to have friends to regularly see.



Brenda said...

I so enjoy going through your day w/ you. (((hugs))), my friend. :)

madeleine said...

Awwww. I love the pictures! You are so good about that. We have 4 digital cameras in this house, and most of the time, I don;t have one on me. :(

What a blessing it is to have lovely friends to shre life with!!

And I was wondering how on earth we were going to mow that grass under the trampoline. Hmmmm....thinking my son won;t be thrilled about the solution. lol.


Pam said...

I loved the photos of the Bible club! What an outreach during the summer!

I know your hubby is proud of Will becoming quite the little golfer!

Wow, you guys have been staying busy!

HsKubes said...

Kristi ~ I guess I just wasn't thinking when I forgot my camera. lol Neighborhood Bible club was a lot of fun. We look forward to doing it the next few weeks.
Will is excited about his upcoming tournament. This is the most he's golfed since Daddy left.

Kelli ~ We are praying the neighborhood Bible club is a blessing to the neighborhood children and are praying there will be ones that will be saved. We did have fun with our friends, too. It's a blessing having a family that you can spend time with occasionally. ;o)
Those giggle fests are common here and don't end in adulthood. I still get in them, too. lol
I was thankful to get the grass done. It was worth the work. ;o)

Michelle ~ Yes, we're having fun and keeping real busy. It does help the time pass by faster, too.
I hope your sourdough turns out. YUM!

Dina ~ The Bible club is a great ministry for the summer.
We are hoping/praying that Ally feels better soon, too.
Prayed for your daughter and your upcoming trip. Germany sounds like fun!

Mrs. Bowman ~ What we're having is not NBT. We had NBT where we lived in SC. Our church here is having Vacation Bible School. The neighborhood Bible club is something that our assistant pastor's wife wanted to do to sort of "introduce" VBS. We are having a one hour meeting, once a week, for the next four weeks until VBS. Children in her neighborhood come to her house for games, Bible stories, songs, etc...
I hope that helps in clarifying a bit. ;o)

Susan ~ Thank you for your continued prayers. We are enjoying the Bible club.
Yes, it is, also, a blessing to have fellowship with like-minded friends. ;o) We are very thankful the Lord sent us here, where we already had those friends.

Brenda ~ Thank you for enjoying our day with us.

Madeleine ~ My children laugh at how I am always taking pictures. lol I just love to see those precious memories after they've long passed away. So that compels me to always have my camera on hand. ;o) But ordering the prints are a whole other story. lol
Yes, friends are truly a blessing.
lol Moving the trampoline was the only way I could mow there well enough. ;o)

Pam ~ Yes, the Bible club is a great outreach. We are enjoying it tremendously.
My beloved has been reading our posts and seeing the pics of Will. I'm sure they look forward to playing a game together when he gets home. ;o)

Hope y'all enjoy your weekend ~

Anonymous said...

I was just asking because my brother has been involved with NBT. He may have been there when you were in SC I will have to ask him if that was one of his stops. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that VBS goes absolutely wonderful and that many young people will attend and begin their journey to the cross. Have a great day!!!
Mrs. Bowman

Susan said...

Hi, Christina! Just popping by to say I've given you a Blog Reflection Award on my blog. There's no obligation on your part - I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your blog posts each day! You've been a blessing to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina,
I have so enjoyed your blog. We are a military family too. Our ds is in the army . He spent 2 years in Iraq. If you need a friend please feel free to visit my blog and email me. I will add you to my prayer list.
A sister in Christ,

HsKubes said...

Mrs. Bowman ~ If your brother was in SC for NBT in the last few years, I'd love to know!

Susan ~ Thank you so much for your kind words and for the award. What a blessing your kindness is!

Elizabeth ~ Thank you for visiting! My beloved is in Iraq now. I appreciate your invite and thank you so much for adding us to your prayer list!

~ Christina


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