Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday's Ways...

This morning was neighborhood Bible club
so we headed to our assistant pastor's house
to participate in the fun!

On our way, I stopped to splurge
on a french vanilla cappuccino.
I had to chuckle at the message
on the side of the cup...

We're all familiar with the "Contents Very Hot"
but I've never seen the particular conjunction
that was added to that statement. lol
Yes, it was very good!

And the ants thought so, too.
I left it on the porch rail and they
helped themselves to it during our Bible club.

Anyhoo... when we arrived,
Will volunteered to knock on a few doors
with our assistant pastor's wife...

The girls and I remained behind on the porch,
in case some of the children arrived...

To pass some time as we waited for children to come,
the younger ones tried out the lil' basketball game...

After the arrival of the neighborhood children,
we began with a game time.
We played Simon says...

... which was lots of fun. ;o)

Later, Ally and Will helped to lead a song.
Here they were singing "Jesus Loves Me"
and doing the signs in sign language, too...

After some of the singing, there was a Bible story...

It is such a blessing to bring the Gospel these children...

After the Bible story and an invitation,
it was time to cool off with a snack.
(It was quite a 'scorcher' today)
We cooled off with ice, cold popsicles...

It was a very welcomed treat...

lol... ;o)

We had a wonderful time
and it was a blessing to work with
the neighborhood children!

Afterwards, we had to do a little grocery shopping
and then headed home to relax for a couple of hours
before heading to church this evening.
The message this evening was such a blessing.
Pastor began in Romans 5
and talked about tribulations we go through
and what it is meant to accomplish.

Ally and I were just talking
and we agree...
we are so thankful for midweek services at church.
They are such an oasis in this dry and thirsty land!

Hope y'all enjoyed your Wednesday!

"... my soul thirsteth for thee,
my flesh longeth for thee
in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is"
~ Psalm 63:1b


Anonymous said...

Hi Christina, I spoke with my brother and it turns out he didnt go to SC. I know that he was stationed all over but that they are divided into groups and certain groups go certain places. I hope things go well with your remaining VBS. Take care and have a wonderful day!!!
Mrs. Bowman


It looks like you all had a very good Wednesday. It was fun seeing all the children enjoying themselves.

Yes, I had a wonderful Wednesday. My oldest son who is my Pastor has been away with his family on vacation so I had the priviledge of hearing my youngest son preach tonight. It was wonderful for my husband and myself. our Grandson preached Sunday and I just think, Thank you, God for your blessings on us. They are great and many. Have a good tomorrow. connie from Texas

Amy ~ said...

My mom used to do Neighborhood Bible Club in our yard! It was so much fun!

The kids really look like they were enjoying themselves! What a blessing to be able to get the gospel out in such a fun way~

I too am thankful for our midweek service. When I was younger and had a job it was so nice to come and relax hearing the preaching of the Word and now that I am a mom I appreciate it even more. I sure need that refreshing in the middle of my busy weeks.

Have a wonderful day!

Bren said...

Christine, what a wonderful morning the children had. I love backyard Bible clubs. It is a wonderful way to reach neighborhood children. Lots of adults will tell you that they first heard of Jesus and God's love through a program such as that. God's annointing on your work!
About the comments on my blogs...I can make a quilt with no trouble, but sewing clothing as you and your daughter do makes me have to ask forgiveness for the sin of envy!
Also, can you provide me with links to the math programs you mentioned? And do you know of a good phonics program for Zach? We are using Bob books and I am looking at Explode the Code. Which do you use?

Jessica said...

Looks like fun, thanks for sharing!

God Bless

Happymama said...

Your neighborhood Bible time looks like so much fun. And I love popsicles!! My favorite is the coconut and pineapple. I'm the only one that eats them in our family. Everyone else wants blue or red.

And AMEN to your thoughts on mid-week services. They help us get through the rest of the week.


madeleine said...

YAY!! for spreading the beautiful Gospel to little hearts!

How fun! I don't believe I have ever seen that happen here in the northeast. I have heard about it but never seen it around here with my own 4 eyes. We go to a Southern Baptist church, so alot of southerners come to our church, and I heard stories. Sounds like fun! We have good old VBS. But backyard-Bible time?? Maybe one day!

Keep the joy! ~madeleine

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

I love this post. It reminds me of how it must have been when my Godly grandmother and grandfather used to hold VBS or study at their home back in the day.

It's so important to share the Lord where we are, isn't it? I was so blessed when the Lord showed me the opportunity to do something like this for a season. I'd be blessed to do it again. Here's my post if you would like to read (though there are no pictures, so it's not as fun visually as yours).

God bless you!

HsKubes said...

Mrs. Bowman ~ Thank you for checking with your brother. ;o)
Our actual VBS hasn't begun, yet, but we look forward to it. In the meantime, we are enjoying the backyard Bible club. ;o)

Connie ~ We did have a good Wednesday. ;o)
What a blessing it must be to hear your son and grandson preach! Yes, God's blessings truly are great and many!

Amy ~ How neat that your mom used to do neighborhood Bible club! I'm sure you have some great memories.
The children really are enjoying themselves. It has been a blessing to share the Gospel.
And, yes, I sure need that midweek service, too!

Bren ~ Yes, the Bible clubs are a wonderful way to reach the neighboorhood children.
I left the 'curriculum' links on your blog. ;o)

Jess ~ It was a lot of fun. Glad you enjoyed sharing our day.

Kristi ~ The Bible club has been a lot of fun.
I'm glad it works out so well in your family with the popsicle flavors. ;o)
And, yes, those mid-week services sure do help us get through the week. What a blessing it is to be able to go to God's house!

Madeleine ~ Unfortuneately, I had never really heard of a neighborhood Bible club till I moved back down south as an adult. We have really been enjoying it!

Grafted Branch ~ Yes, it is very important to share the Gospel. Thank you for visting. ;o)

~ Christina


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