Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday's Tidbits...

Today was another early morning
as Will and I headed to the golf course
for day 2 of his junior golf clinic.
I am so thankful Will delights
in making coffee for his mama.
It sure was nice to have that this morning,
especially after a night of interupted sleep
due to thunderstorms.

It was a humid morning at the course
and I was thankful to have a pavillion
available to use for shade.
Will's time at the golf course today
was spent at the driving range...

The instructor spent a some time working with him, too...

He had a great time and learned a bit today
but he was thankful to get out of the heat and sun. ;o)

Back home, I was able to work in the house more
and chisel away at Mount Washmore.
Carolynne enjoyed pushing the baby in the buggy...

Beth serenaded the house with beautiful toddler music...

Ally, too, filled our home with beautiful music... ;o)

We had friends come to visit around lunch time.
Will enjoyed a game of chess...

The lil' girls played with their toys...

They love to fill up buckets, baskets, and bags of toys
to bring down to the living room to play.
I love how they want to be where everyone else is. ;o)

Ally and friends worked in the kitchen

to make some cookies.
She was excited to use a new cookie press we purchased...

She loved how they were able to make
the different shaped cookies
and how easy it was to do it...

Carolynne enjoyed watching her big sister
as she made the chocolate cookies...

And we learned that cookies
are not for eating only...

LOL... well, the children sure got a laugh!

This afternoon, I was able to finish
the set of curtains for the living room
and get them hung up...
(I couldn't get a very good photo
but these, below, can be enlarged)

I was glad to get them finished
and hope to work on Will's last curtain
sometime later this week.

Tomorrow is another busy day.
Day 3 of Will's golf clinic, a few errands in town,
helping in a neighborhood Bible club,
and then church in the evening.
Looks like we'll, also, be in for
another night of thunderstorms.

I hope y'all are enjoying your week. ;o)


Anonymous said...

Hello there. That's wonderful you are taking Will to a golf clinic. I think he'll go pro!

Love the curtains and the cookies too. I always wanted a cookie press but didn't believe they were easy to use. Guess you have proved me wrong!

Have a great week.
Love the Lord, Lisa

Tracy said...

Looks like a wonderful day.

We did a golf clinic once. Then the younger brother walked behind the older brother just as he was swinging, and BAM! a golf club in the head. Four stitches later, al was well.

The curtains are lovely.

Christina, might I ask you to pray for our family. My husband has decided that he agrees the girls should wear skirts dresses full time, as I do. Abigail (8) is thrilled, and is quite pleasant. Autumn (14) is taking it respectfully, but isn't pleased. I pray that God will change her heart. I've had her sew a few new things to try and help excite her. I know it is a big adjustment for her, and I'm trying to be tender.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Such beautiful fabric for your curtains!!!
I really enjoy reading your blog. You have a great family.
God bless you and your family,
Lisa in Texas = )

Pieces From Me said...

Your curtains are wonderful. It looks like all the children had a great day! We have storms here too, but with them tomorrows temps will be 20 degrees cooler.

Ron and Ginny said...

LOL!!! You got me! As I was scrolling down reading your post, the picture of you with cookies on your eyes popped up and scared the daylights out of me! I don't know what I was thinking, but it scared me. LOL!!! I guess I was thinking something was wrong with you. (Physically, I mean...) Anyway, I love my cookie press, also. It is very easy and makes such good cookies. Have a nice day and I hope your eyes heal soon. LOL!!!

Amy ~ said...

Beautiful material you used for your curtains! Your picture also scared me (hehe).

How fun for Will to be able to take golf lessons. Looks like fun!

I have a cookie press too, and I LOVE it!

Your children always look so sweet~Keep up the good work I know your Hubby is proud of you for all the hard work you do while he is away. I am sure having four children helps pass the time too.

Have a great day and a wonderful service this evening.

Melody said...

Looks like you all had fun yesterday!

I have a cookie press too, and it's my favorite tool at Christmastime with all the cookie making. Mmmm - gingerbread spritz sounds really yummy right about now!

Brenda said...

LOL! That's a great pic w/ you and the cookies!! :)

The cookie press was cool; I'm sure Breanna would've enjoyed that too. :)

Someone in Al Ain said...


I enjoyed every single picture and word too..

you have a very wonderful blog. i really like it so much..

Wish you all the best in your life and for your little angels..smile

Kelley said...

Christina, what great pictures...thank you so much for sharing them!
Sounds like you had a wonderful and productive day!
I love the fabric you chose for your curtains...so pretty!
Wishing you a blessed Wednesday!

HsKubes said...

Lisa ~ Will is having a great time golfing this week. Maybe when y'all get here, the men can take the boys. ;o)
Ally loves the cookie press (so much that she's making more today). It's not difficult to use, just gotta practice a little at first. I'm sure your girls would love one, too (and you).

Tracy ~ Poor younger brother. This week, they have been telling the children things like that to remind them to be extra careful and not to swing a golf club with anyone around. So far it's been a safe week. Looks like a wonderful day.
I will be praying for y'all and your daughter. We experienced a time similar. Prayer really does make a difference and it is very important to show them in God's Word what He says and how that is the reason for the decision. And, yes, making them new dresses/skirts is helpful, too. Praying for y'all.

Lisa in Texas ~ Thank you for you kind comments. It's always great to hear from you, too. ;o)

Pieces from Me ~ Thank you. ;o) It was a great day. We would love a 20 degree cool off. ;o) It's quite hot and humid here these days.

Ginny ~ You're a hoot! lol So sorry for scaring you. ;o) My eyes have healed up quite nicely. lol

Amy ~ Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. They're such a blessing.
I'm sorry I scared you, too. I think Carolynne's first reaction was fear but she quickly laughed.

Melody ~ We did have fun. ;o) This cookied press seems to be Ally's new favorite toy, too. We were thinking Christmas cookies, as well. We hadn't thought of gingerbread. Thank you for that yummy idea!

Brenda ~ Glad you enjoyed the pic. lol

Someone in Al Ain ~ So glad you enjoyed the pics and post. Thank you for visiting and thank you for your kind words.

Kelley ~ Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed them. Hope you enjoy your Wednesday, too. ;o)

~ Christina

Pam said...

Boy, have you been busy! I loved the cookies! Especially the ones on your face! how funny!

Will looks like a pro out there on the course!

Happymama said...

WOW! Neighborhood Bible Club!! I haven't heard of anyone doing those in AGES! I remember them coming to our neighborhood as a child. I know you're having fun with that.

The golf clinic sounds interesting. I've never thought about it. I'll have to give Justin a heads up on that. To be honest, he plays wonderful, but it wouldn't hurt to have a little instruction. I'm sure your hubby will be glad to have a little man to play a round with when he gets home.

Love the curtains...adds a Victorian flare/flair to the room. (I'm too tired to think of which is correct. lol)

And the cookie press...do you think you could get Ally to post the recipe she used. I have yet to find a recipe I like for my press.



It was great fun visiting the home of the HsKubes. I enjoyed it very much. I loved the music and the cookies and watching the children play. The curtains look great. Thanks for inviting me in for a time. connie

HsKubes said...

Pam ~ Yes, we've been quite busy. ;o) Glad you enjoyed the cookies. lol

Kristi ~ We are having fun with the neighborhood Bible club.
Bill and Will do enjoy golfing together. They look forward to their next time.
I'll try to get Ally to post the recipe soon.

Connie ~ Thank you. You're always welcome here. ;o) I always enjoy hearing from you.

~ Christina


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