Saturday, July 28, 2007

Home Safe and Tidbits from Our Trip...

Last night, we arrived safely home
from Ally's appointment (around 11:45pm).
It sure made for a long day.
We were out of our home 10 hours
between travelling and being at the hospital.
Her MRI took almost two hours
but she did just fine (so did the rest of us)
and we hope to know more next week.

Thank you to those that were praying!
The Lord gave us safe travel
and we, also, enjoyed the day! ;o)

In the van, the children enjoyed their books,
toys, coloring books, etc...
Carolynne and Beth spent time coloring...

Will did some reading and also spent some time
playing with our GeoSafari laptop...

Ally made good use of her time, too,
and worked on her grammar lessons...

We arrived at the hospital a little early
(to avoid rush hour traffic)
so we spent time in the lobby.
The children enjoyed watching the ball-maze thingy
(I really have no idea what to call it)...

They didn't tire of watching all of the balls
go through the mazes and such.

Ally brought her piano books this time
and enjoyed playing the piano they had available...

While Ally played the piano,
the lil' girls thought it would be fun to spin...


As it got closer to Ally's appointment time
we headed to check her in...

But not without stopping to look
at some of the 'attractions'...

Victorian dollhouse

Barnyard chess set

When we arrived, the children were delighted
to have a waiting room that appealed to them...

Here was Ally filling out paperwork...

During the almost two hours of her MRI,
the children and I found the hospital gift shop
to get a couple of snacks.
We, also, found something across from the gift shop
that we were eager to show Ally afterwards.
She was SO excited when she saw it...

She would love to one day have a baby grand.

The ride home was quiet with the children sleeping.
Ally and I enjoyed the time talking

and listening to our classical music.
All the way home we enjoyed
Vivaldi's "Four Seasons".

We were very thankful our visit and our trip went well.
Thank you, again, for those that were praying
and thinking of us. ;o)

Here is a photo of the lil' girls sleeping during the ride...

I just love how they hold hands when they sleep!

Hope y'all enjoy your day!


MyHubbysHelper said...

How cute are your girls? Hope you get some good news from Allys appointment. Pretty soon in August, I go in for more testing too :). Tell Ally I definitely feel for her. Hope you have a great relaxing day :)
Mrs. Bowman

Jessica said...

So glad your day went well. That is such a sweet picture of the little girls sleeping. God bless

Pam said...

Do the little ones always hold hands at sleep time? That is such a beautiful picture of true family bonding! I love it.

Oh I scrolled down to catch up on everything here. The photo of three of them in your bed was very heartwarming! I'm sure you "Cherieshed the Moment".

The hospital had so much for keeping the children entertained. That's a real blessing!

I pray Ally's MRI comes back with a good report.

Happymama said...

Still praying for Ally, Christina. I do hope they're able to diagnose her soon.

That last picture is sincerely priceless.


Anonymous said...

Wow,that is a interesting hospital,
I'm glad the kids had alot to do.
I'm so proud of my grandchildren,
and their mama,maybe you will have a less busy week,Lovede and miss you all.
Love Mom

HsKubes said...

Mrs. Bowman ~ We're looking forward to hearing from the doctors this week. I hope your testing goes well, too. I was glad to hear you were having some good days. ;o)

Jess ~ Thank you. *Ü*

Pam ~ Beth always wants to hold Carolynne's hand when they sleep. Many times, Carolynned doesn't mind but the times that she does, Beth just waits until Carolynne is asleep then she will hold her hand. It is so precious!
Oh, I truly did cherish the moment that I saw the three of them sleeping in my bed. It was so sweet!
It was a blessing that the hospital provided things for the children. ;o)
Thank you for your prayers for Ally. We look forward to hearing the results.

Kristi ~ Thank you for praying. We hope they are able to figure something out soon, too. The last photo thrilled my heart. ;o)

Hi Mama ~ You're so sweet. We sure love and miss you!

~ Christina


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