Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday's Musings...

Happy Monday!
I hope y'all had a blessed Lord's Day.
We had "Second Coming Sunday" at our church
and it was such a blessing to sing songs,
listen to God's Word being preached,

and focusing on His return!
Oh, what a day that will be!!

This morning, the children and I
continued our Bible time and began Genesis 3.
We read aloud, worked on our key Scripture for the week,

had discussion, had vocab study, did prayer letters,
and illustrated what happened between Cain and Abel.

Later in the morning, we had friends visit.
We enjoyed fellowshipping and even enjoyed a visit

to one of our local dollar stores! ooooh
We were able to find quite a few things,
as we were putting together a lab kit
for our upcoming science. ;o)
It was half the price to get the items ourselves
and we found almost all that we needed there!
We were rejoicing in God's goodness in providing!

Later in the afternoon, after returning home,
the younger ones were eager to use
their new bug containers and headed outside
to see what they could find...

They were able to find an ant to put in the jar
and spent time observing it
(though it didn't do much but lay on its back and wiggle its legs!).
The, also, found a 'love bug' and a few sticks. ;o)
They enjoyed themselves, though.

Tomorrow will be a little busy for us,
as I have a scary dentist appointment
and Ally is teaching piano in the afternoon.
I hope that y'all have a wonderful day,
counting your many blessings! ;o)

"I will sing unto the LORD,
because he hath dealt bountifully with me."
~ Psalm 13:6


Ginny said...

Boy, it seems like you are putting out posts so fast that I can't keep up. I guess that is what happens when spring comes and things start happening and I get busy... ;-)

The mention of "love bugs" brought back memories of April in Florida. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that anymore, but we have Asian Beetles to deal with here...

Happy Spring! :-D

Madeleine said...

Aww What a lovely day you had. Week actually , now that I review. :)

Funny story about those bugs viewers. I am not a bug person. By a long stretch of the imagination. One day, My son caught a grasshopper and put it in there.

My friend and I were on the back swing enjoy the summer day and solving all the world's problems. His bug viewer was on the grass next to us. Like a goofy, I pick it up, and I couldn't see the bug in there. He had put a stick, some grass and some leaves in there. All of a sudden, the bug just jump. I about jumped out of my skin, screamed,threw the bug viewer in the air, and took off.

My friend, being a good friend, took off screaming after me. She loves bugs, but just reacted.

Well needless to say, EVERYONE had a good laugh. lol. And I no longer pick up that bug viewer.


Tori said...

What a nice day. I enjoy reading about your family.

Love bugs? Are those the same as rolly-pollys and doodle bugs???

momofmhasr said...

My girls love those bug things also! They provide great fun time. Praying for your dentist appointment.

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Bug hunting is one of my kids favorites too. They even have a bug vacuum to suck bugs up in and then to watch them.

I don't mind as long as I don't have to deal with the bugs ;)

Have a great day

Daughter of the King said...

Second coming, now that sounds like such a great idea for a theme....HE is COMING...that is for sure.
Love the pictures of your kiddos...

Mel's Mom said...

Any message on His return...on our homegoing is enough to bring tears to my eyes and peace to my heart!

Kristy... said...

oh what a blessing it is that we get to watch our kids learn and see the wonder in there eyes and not have to hear from them later how excited they were or from there teacher....

My kids had bug catchers a few years ago but they were poorly made.. we will have to get them some new ones for this year I think...


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