Friday, March 7, 2008

Pardon the Dust...

I will be playing around with the template
of our Haven at Home,
as I try the "upgrades" that blogger offers.
Thank you for your patience
as we dust and rearrange the furniture. ;o)

After a few hours, I have completed our cleaning.
Perhaps you may notice that
I must not be very good at cleaning,
seeing that it looks much like it did before. ;o)
But I did manage to switch to the new template
where I can now use the widgets.
In addition, I changed the font in my header,
went to one sidebar instead of two
which led to a few other, minor changes
in the sidebar that I have now.
In addition,
(which is the main reason I did this switch)
you can now see at the bottom of our blog
the option to view Older Posts,
which will take you to the next page
without having to utilize the archives. ;o)

Still the same look, just a little different.
Thank you for hanging in there
if you happened to visit during our cleaning. ;o)


Mimi said...

I will be anxious to see your new arrangement....

Karen said...

Spring is around the corner and I hope to be doing a spring "clean-up" on my blog as well soon. I look forward to seeing your new blog look!

Take care,

MrsMelody said...

I like the new look. Yes, its much the same as before, only more streamlined. Kind of like spring cleaning. :) Its still the same house, just cleaner and more organized. :)

Have a blessed weekend

Sharon said...

I like the new look. Good job! Very clean and easy to read.
We are getting a foot of snow today. Yikes!


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