Monday, October 29, 2007

Vision Forum Drawing II...

A bloggie friend thoughtfully brought to my attention
that Life in a Shoe is having another
Vision Forum Drawing...
and this time the prize is $250 of free stuff.
Thanks for letting me know, Amy. ;o)

The guidelines are the same as last week
except the dollar amount is higher...

Here are the guidelines from her post:

1. Get your new catalog -
if you’re not on the mailing list, get on it now.
No time to get it?
Download the new 2008 Vision Forum catalog as a PDF here.

2. Flip through the pages, oohing and aahing
over all the wonderful items, new and old.
Note which ones are published by Vision Forum -
you’ll see a VF logo near the title of the item.
Try not to drool on it;
you’ll be needing your catalog for the next step.

3. Now the fun part:
Put together your own dream order of $150 or less
of VF published items and post it to your blog
with a link to Vision Forum and a link to her post.

4.Leave her a comment so I’ll know you entered.
One entry per household, please.

She's accepting entries until Friday, November 2.

Here's my list:

10 Peas in a Pod by Arnold Pent III ~ $20.00

by J.R. Miller ~ $20.00

The Influence of Older Children
on Younger Children cd by S.M. Davis ~ $10.00

The Bible Lessons of John Quincy Adams
for His Son by Doug W. Phillips ~ $12.00

Beloved Bride: The Letters of Stonewall Jackson
to His Wife by William Potter ~ $15.00

Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford ~ $24.00

The Adventure of Missionary Heroism
by John C. Lambert and Joshua M. Wean ~ $24.00

Pouch of Ancient Coins ~ $18.00

Thanksgiving Primer ~ $6.00

The Original Blue Back Speller

and The New-England Primer ~ $18.00

A Church in the House
by Matthew Henry and Scott Brown ~ $12.00

The Letters and Lessons
of Teddy Roosevelt for His Sons

by Douglas W. Phillips ~ $14.00

Christ in the Camp
by J. William Jones ~ $25.00

Sergeant York and the Great War
Tom Skeyhill and "Little Bear" Wheeler ~ $16.00

The Birkenhead Drill
by Douglas W. Phillips ~ $8.00

Thoughts for Young Men
by J.C. Ryle ~ $8.00

Total = $250.00



I really like your list. I hope you win. connie from Texas

Have a wonderful week.

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Some more great additions to your list! Such a great prize to win.

Have a wonderful evening

Jane said...

Thanks for the info. I will check into it.

By the way, I like your music. Do you know the Van Geldren's? We have had them to dinner a couple of times. We love their ministry - - I enjoyed the music and love your blog. Neat to find like minded people.


Anonymous said...

Great List,
Would you share with me the pattern number you use for your dresses for yourself and the littlest girls. I just love them. Your clothes are always so modest and pleaseing to the Lord.
Elizabeth Q

momofmhasr said...

Thanks for your nice comments! I noticed the new contest and entered again also!

MarineMama said...

Thanks for the info. I just posted my wish list! ;)

I was meaning to ask you, do you have a pattern for prarie bonnets? I'm looking to make one for Pricess JoJo.
Christian Love


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