Saturday, October 13, 2007

Renaissance Lapbook...

This week we focused a bit on the Renaissance
to enhance our upcoming trip.

One thing we did was make our own castle.
Here we were drawing, coloring and cutting the pieces...

Here was our finished construction...

We enjoyed playing with it throughout the week!

In addition to reading, we, also, made a lapbook.
We took a couple of days to finish it
but we did get it finished! ;o)
We had never done a lapbook before
so I was excited to give one a try.
I'm not creative enough so I did use some ideas
that I found online at
THIS site.

Here was our finished project:
(You can click on the photos to enlarge)

The photos are from a book I purchased
from Dover Publications.

Here is the inside spread:

On the left (top to bottom) is
our ancestor coat of arms; a timeline;
types of plays by William Shakespeare.

Here was our timeline:

Types of William Shakespeare plays:

In the middle of the lapbook was
a wheel with the many wives of Henry VIII;
Food and Drink of the Renaissance;
a fact sheet; and the names of a knight's armor...

"The Many Wives of Henry VIII" wheel...

Food and Drink...

"Thou Knight in Shining Armor"...

On the right side of the lapbook was
Renaissance Language; Commerce info;
Ye Olde Castle.

Renaissance Language: "What Thou Sayest"...

Ye Olde Castle...

On the back of our lapbook,
the children drew their own Mona Lisa...

(I love their drawings!)

We enjoyed making our own lapbook for the 1st time! ;o)


Anonymous said...

How neat. I have been wanting to make a few lapbooks for my granddaughter. Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful lapbooks! I love the castle!

Have a safe trip!

Susan said...

Great lapbook!!! I've seen these around, but with my children being older, I haven't looked at them too much. It was nice to see one "in action".

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Oh thank you, thank you for posting these great pictures! What a fantastic project.

Now, will you please have the children do one for the Ancients (because that's where we are this year).

Just kidding. ;)

Unless...of want to? :)

Seriously though, thanks for posting all these pictorials. It's almost like enjoying an afternoon of fellowship with you and your sweet children. And thanks, too, for the kind and encouraging comments you've left on some of my update posts (which, of course, were clearly inspired by, and shamelessly copied from your posts).

Christian Homekeeper said...

Looks awesome! I have been wanting to start doing lapbooks as well for my daughter and we may try our first one in a few weeks.


Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

We have not tried a lapbook as of yet, but you made it look so easy. We may just have to try it soon. Thanks for posting all the great pictures.

Christine said...

We have never done lapbooks, but I have got to add it to our work. My kids will flip for stuff like that!


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