Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday's Things...

This morning, it was insisted upon
that I sleep in a bit... so I graciously obliged. ;o)
About half an hour later,
I was informed that I could arise.
I walked downstairs, smelling wonderful aromas,
and proceeded to the dining room,
where all of the children were sitting at the table,
smiling sweetly, and greeted me with
a hearty "Surprise!" in unison.
The table was set and on it lay breakfast...
waffles and tater tots...
and a cup of coffee, just for Mom. ;o)
In addition, I was given this note:

It was precious.
We enjoyed a lovely breakfast together.

The rest of our day was similar to yesterday.
Ally was able to accomplish much
in Worldview, History, Math, Advanced Chemistry
and Literature reading.
Here she was working at them...

She, also, practiced piano and violin. ;o)

Will and I were able to accomplish much, also.
He did some copywork for math
and for a Scripture verse he chose to meditate on.
For history, we read about our constitution
from the book "A More Perfect Union"
and about the poem/song "America the Beautiful".
Then, for science, we read from our Burgess Bird Book
about the English Sparrow.
It really interested us, so we, also, read an excerpt
from our "Handbook of Nature Study",
then did some dictation.
Afterwards, he enjoyed looking through
our "Handbook of Nature Study" more...

The lil' girls enjoyed more constructive and creative play,
as well as doing a little "school"
(because they enjoy it, too). ;o)
We did a picture narration
and then they wanted to do a little copywork.
Here they were eagerly working...

It was a blessing to see the children enjoying learning.

Tomorrow the three girls go for a dentist appointment
and we hope to spend an afternoon with friends.

I hope y'all have enjoyed your day, too!

"And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness
and of thy praise all the day long."
~ Psalm 35:28


Jeannie said...

Hello Friend

Believe it or not I too was having a hard time (ok in my case) posting a comment to your blog the other day.... it was a little thanks for stopping by and saying hello, I peek into your blog just about every day to see how you all are doing and how the hubby is. My daughter really gets a kick out of all the cute dresses you guys make...( a new sewing machine is on my wish list, as the one I did have is broken beyond repair).... Look forward to seeing your posts in the days ahead.

Sheri said...

What a beautiful way to start your day! I so enjoy hearing about the way your children bless you and the ways you bless them!

I'm praying for your husband in Iraq, too.

Karen said...

Thanks for the encouragement I found in your comment on my blog. I have been working on this Bible study of mine for a long time. To finish the bibliography felt so good!
It's also encouraging to know others have those times of "re-training."
I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I just saw your 7 day prayer plan for your husband. Would it be okay if I copy this and paste it on a Word document for me to use in my praying for my husband?


HsKubes said...

Jeannie ~ I'm glad you were able to 'get through'. ;o) It's a blessing to know you visit often.
How exciting the possibility of a new sewing machine is! ;o)

Sheri ~ It was great to hear from you. I'm glad you enjoy visiting with us. It's a blessing to knkow that. ;o)
We did start our day out wonderfully. The children were so thoughtful. It thrilled this mama's heart.
Thank you for praying for my beloved while he is in Iraq. That is appreciated so much.

Karen ~ Yes, we, too, have times of re-training. ;o)
You are more than welcome to print out the prayer plan. I hope it is a blessing to you. ;o)

~ Christina

Tracy said...

What sweet little blessings you have!(0;

Anonymous said...

"The Queen may now adjourn to the dining room for her royal breakfast!"
Christina, you surely are THE QUEEN in your castle. :O) God bless your sweet little ones.


Ron and Ginny said...

What a nifty day! That reminds me of when I made breakfast for my parents one time. I remember making it and having to stand on a stool at the stove. Then I remember my parents catching me at it... LOL! But, for some reason, I don't remember if it was edible or not. ;-)

Bren said...

What a blessing to have your children bless you!! I think it blessed them just as much.
I did start The Excellent Wife and so far it is Excellent!
Also, The Hidden Art of Homemaking.
My church only uses the KJV also, and I know you mentioned it. Is there a reason or just because you like that version?

Melody said...

Christina, how lovely! That was so sweet of your children!

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

So sweet! I love when my children surprise us shows me they are thinking of others, and that blesses my heart.

So glad your children are taking care of you while your DH is away~They sure do love their momma!


momofmhasr said...

Isn't it the little things they do that make everything worth it !

Anonymous said...

OH How sweet,of course I have such a sweet daughter I knew I would have sweet grandchildren! Love All the pictures and Love All of you.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise for such a wonderful mom! They love you very much. Hope all are doing well. I love you Christina and kids!

Aunt Becky

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina,
How sweet. Youe children are so wonderful. Have a beautiful week end.

Kristy Jo said...

what sweeties you go there Christina!

And so sweet the little ones eager to learn.... my older two are like that, they ask to do 'school" daily. its sweet!

HsKubes said...

Tracy ~ Thank you. I sure think so. ;o)

Suwei ~ lol. Thank you. ;o)

Ginny ~ Yes, it was a nifty day. ;o) lol... I'm sure whether or not the breakfast you made was edible, your parents appreciated the thought. ;o)

Bren ~ Yes, it was quite a blessing. I know they were so thrilled to do it.
I'm glad you are enjoying your book. ;o)
We bought The Hidden Art of Homemaking to read this year as part of Home Ec. We haven't begun it, yet, though.
Regarding the King James... I believe the King James Bible is not a version but that it is the perfectly, preserved Word of God. It is not a preference issue with us. It is a conviction. We do believe it is the only Bible. I know that many would disagree and that is between each person and the Lord. We believe this for historical reasons and Scriptural reasons. If you are interested, I could find some resources to share with you. Please feel free to email me. ;o)

Melody ~ Thank you. I thought it was so sweet and thoughful of them, too. It was quite a blessing. ;o)

Amy ~ I love to see their thoughtfulness do. It is such a blessing to see their tender, servant hearts. ;o)

Michelle ~ Yes, those 'little things' are so precious. ;o)

Mommy ~ That's because YOU are so sweet. ;o)
We love you and miss you. ;o)

Aunt Becky ~ Yes, it was such a sweet and wonderful surprise. ;o)
We are all doing well. I was glad to hear from you. ;o) We love you!

Elizabeth ~ Thank you. They certainly are a blessing to me. ;o) Hope you have a beautiful weekend, as well. ;o)

~ Christina

HsKubes said...

Kristy Jo ~ Thank you. They are such sweeties and such a blessing. ;o)
It was a blessing, too, to see the younger ones eager to learn. That always blesses my heart, as one of my main goals in home educating is for them to love learning. ;o)

~ Christina

Tammy said...

What a sweet surprise from your children!


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