Friday, October 5, 2007

Thursday's Things...

For Beth's birthday, yesterday,
we had friends come for a visit.
They enjoyed a birthday picnic lunch
in the reading room....

A little while after lunch, we gathered in the dining room
to sing "Happy Birthday".
Ally played the tune on her violin as we sang...

Then she opened gifts from Gramma...

All of them were excited!

And then she opened the gift from us...

They enjoyed a 'spot of tea' later. ;o)

After cake and playing inside,
they were excited to go out to play...

As the younger ones played outside,
Ally and her friend practiced a duet...

They played one of Daddy's favorite 'silly' songs. ;o)

Here they were later, enjoying time of play...

It was a lovely celebration and sweet time of fellowship.

Today we're off to our homeschool park day
but before I go, I thought I'd share a little something. ;o)

One of the gifts my mama sent for Beth
was this puzzle below.
I thought her reaction was cute...

We had to laugh!
My mama cracks me up!

Finally, I just thought I'd leave with this...
(This is especially for my mama)


"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine..."
~ Proverbs 17:22


Anonymous said...

Hi Christina,
Too Cute. I just love your pose.LOL
Look like Beth had a great day.

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

LOL! I love the "similarity"!
What a cute idea to wrap Beth's present in leftover fabric from her dress! I'll have to use that one in the future. It looks like everyone had a great day....what a blessing good friends are!

Susan said...

I loved Beth's expression when she opened her new tea set - priceless! It's so sweet when children love their gifts and get so excited over them.

Julie's Jewels said...

That is too funny Sis!! I'm glad her birthday celebration was so much fun for her and everyone else.

Susan Watson said...

That's too funny! I am glad Beth had a great birthday! Sounds like a very fun day. Have a great time at the park. We are a 'slavin away at the books....will be again tomorrow, catching up on what we missed earlier in the week. Revival's going well...tonight's the last night....exhausting but refreshing and a great way to grow in the Lord.

Have a great weekend!

Susan W.

Karen said...

Looks like great times there! Love the last picture! ;0)

Sallie said...

The dresses are so sweet and I love the puzzle.. no further comments on that cause I resemble a few of my own...LOL..

God bless,

Bren said...

What a wonderful birthday for Beth. I love the little girls dresses and pinafores! Do you sew for cash???

Amy/BookLover said...

Looks like you guys had alot of fun!!! How long has Ally had her violin?

Happymama said...

Looks like everyone had fun.

I use the origata style wrapping too sometimes!!! It makes for a pretty package, doesn't it?

OH, and uh....You should probably remove that last makes a good argument for evolutionists. LOL hehehehehehe



HsKubes said...

Elizabeth ~ lol... so glad you liked the pose. ;o) Beth did have a great day. And at bedtime, she got to pick the song. ;o)

Pam ~ Glad you liked it, too. lol ;o) I confess that I didn't actually intend to wrap her gift in her leftover fabric but it was sitting in the dining room so I thought it was a great idea at the time. Why spend money on wrapping paper? ;o)
And, yes, good friends are such a blessing!

Susan ~ I loved her expression, too. It tickled me! I was glad she liked and appreciated it. She and Carolynne love to have tea. ;o)

Julie ~ Glad you got a chuckle. ;o) She did have a lovely birthday. At the end of the evening, I think she was ready to move forward. In bed she asked, "Is is STILL my birthday, Mom??" lol I assured her that when she woke up, her birthday would have passed but she would still be 5. She was okay with that. ;o)

Susan W ~ It was a fun day, indeed. ;o)
We did have a nice time at the park today. We hope to get back to the books next week. I'm glad revival is going well. I pray you've been convicted, encouraged, and revived. ;o)

Karen ~ Yes, great (and busy) times. So glad you liked the last picture. lol

Sallie ~ Thank you. ;o) You had me curious as to which puzzles you resemble. lol!

Bren ~ Thank you. Sewing for cash is 'sew' tempting but I'd never have time to do it. I do enjoy sewing for our family, though. ;o) In addition, we don't mind the many imperfections of the garments I produce. lol ;o)

Amy ~ We did have a lot of fun. ;o)
Ally has owned her violin for about a year. But about a week after getting it, she broke a string and we never got it fixed (sad, huh?). So she hasn't really had a chance to learn to play until the evangelist fixed her string and tuned it for her last week. So she has been playing for about a week, "officially". ;o)

Kristi ~ LOL. You crack me up!

~ Christina

Madeleine said...


You are such a great example of the joy of the Lord!! To be able to laugh at yourself and enjoy life is such a blessing & beautiful example to us all. :)

And then to have it pour out on your little ones!!! Thats what I call good teachin'.

Looked like a lovely birthday!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! The last one cracks me up!

Dina said...

I must say i do love to visit this blog and i always end up with a feeling of happiness and gentilness . Thanks for sharing all these lovely pictures.

Kelley said...

What sweet pictures!
It's been far too long since I have visited and have missed coming here!
Wishing you a blessed weekend!

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Such a blessing for those two older girls to be able to make music together! :)

I think the fabric wrapping is GENIUS on so many levels...good for the budget, good for the environment, good for the frugal seamstress! I think I might have to suggest to my extended family when they start asking about what to send the girls for Christmas.

Jeannie said...

Ok I am in a dilema, I am having a hard time at this point finding modest outfits for my daughter who is 11, she is too old for the cutsey stuff but too young for the outfits that seem to fit more for older girls(13 and up) any suggestions, I dont want her looking older than she is even in modesty but at the same time I dont want her dressing like a lil girl. With my daughter she is already petite for her age vs her size, she is quite dainty(as some would say) any ideas? PS: she did ask if you could make her a dress, after she saw the photo's of your she loved their outfits.

Heather said...

The dresses are just beautiful! So sweet :) *laughing* at your surprise pic at the end..what a joyful spirit. Blessings to you and yours.

HsKubes said...

Madeleine ~ I'm thrilled you were able to get a laugh. ;o)
Thank you for your kind words. We do enjoy having a good time in our home. ;o)

Laura ~ Thank you. Glad to crack you up. lol ;o)

Dina ~ I am thankful that you enjoy visiting.
You are very welcome for sharing the pictures. ;o)

Kelley ~ Thank you. I was glad to have you visit, again. ;o)

Grafted Branch ~ Yes, Ally and her friend enjoyed making music together very much and hope to do it each time they're together. I'm thrilled she has someone to practice with since I am not so musically inclined. ;o)
I agree... the fabric wrapping is all of those things. And a great idea to wrap Christmas gifts in them. ;o)

Jeannie ~ I had this similar dilema when Ally was between the ages of 8 and 12. Even now, we sometimes find it difficult because of her frame.
What we have done, is either purchase better patterns online or we try to adjust the patterns that we find at stores. I must say, however, that many of our patterns are found in the 'costume' section of the pattern books. lol
If you can purchase patterns online... in my sidebar (under my LINKS) I have a link for Modest Clothing Links that you may find helpful. Common Sense Patterns has some good ones.
Another option would be some T-shirt dresses. You can find those in my "Keepers at Home" category.
I am thrilled she liked the girls' dresses so much! Tell her thank you, please. ;o)
I hope that helps some.

Heather ~ Thank you. I'm glad you were able to get a laugh. lol ;o)

~ Christina


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