Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday's Ways...

Our week continues to be somewhat slow
but somehow busy at the same time. ;o)
Yesterday we took Ally to the chiropractor,
went to our local supercenter to pick up a few things,
then to the music store to get a shoulder rest
for Ally's violin.
Then yesterday evening,
after the younger ones were in bed,
I was able to use our new sewing helpfuls...

A few have inquired how I liked them.
Ally loves the new tools.
I love being able to use the mat and the rotary cutter,
however, I have found that I need

to work around the weights,
which isn't a big deal really, just an adjustment.

I just have to be careful
not to bump into the weights when cutting.
I have really found the smaller cutter
to be quite helpful in those curvier areas. ;o)
(Thank you, Pam)
I was glad to get both girls' dresses cut out
and, since I was having fun with the rotary cutters,
I decided to go ahead and cut my scraps of the material
into different size quilt pieces for possible future use. ;o)
Ally and I, also, learned another use for the weights
(I don't know why I do this to myself)...

Word of advice... if you ever do this,
be sure to have the 'pokey part' facing outward. LOL

Today the children enjoyed doing some academics
as I worked on getting some laundry done
and a couple of "handyman" projects completed.

Will did some copywork and science,
as well as reading a couple of history books...

The lil' girls sat at the table, too, and colored together...

Ally worked on her advanced chemistry,
worldview, history, and violin.
When I checked in on her, she was reading aloud
a Shakespeare play for history (and literature),
which she enjoys to do...

Later in the afternoon,
the children enjoyed the beautiful weather
by going outside to play...

As Ally played piano...

Meanwhile, I worked on those "handyman projects".
First I finished putting blinds in the dining room window...


Why it took me all year to get motivated to do this...
I have no idea. I was so glad to get it done, though.
It was no easy task either.
Apparently, it's a lot harder to put the screws
into the paneling (or whatever it's called)
that's on the inside of the window frame.
After, at least, three warped screws
and the manual screwdriver
(not to mention sore muscles)
I finally finished! It was worth it, though. ;o)

Then, outside, I finally got around
to putting up our retractable clothes line. (yea!)

I put it up between the side of the house
and the big live oak tree...

Then hung Will's new suit items on it to dry...

LOL... Guess I need to find those clothespins. ;o)

Ally helped her mama out by making supper...
a ground turkey, rice, and green bean casserole. Mmmm.
Then what a blessing it was to be
in the Lord's house this evening!

I hope y'all are enjoying your week, too. ;o)

"Looking for that blessed hope,
and the glorious appearing
of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
~ Titus 2:13


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I'm glad to hear that you like your sewing tools. It also took me a little bit to get used to the weights being there...but it doesn't take long, and it sounds like you agree that it's well worth it! I love your "creativity" with the weights! ;)
Glad to see you also got some handyman projects done. --Looks great!

inspired said...

Congrats on your photo being chosen as one of the winners at the CM photo contest!

Your blog is beautiful!


Ron and Ginny said...

hmmmm...maybe I can find a link for you to do some research on eye problems... ;-)

Anyway, so the cutter works on curves, eh? Is there a secret? Like leaning into the curves or sormething? I think I am cutter challenged...

Tracy said...

I'm very intrigued by these weights. For me, the worst part of sewing is pinning and cutting.

Karen said...

I know why you do're a very fun mama! Love the specs.;0)
It sure feels great to have projects completed that have been hanging over our heads, doesn't it? I've got a couple I need to attend to pretty soon. ;0)
Enjoy your day!

Marci said...

Sounds like you are getting lots done. I don't need weights on my eyes to keep them closed... just a comfy chair. =)

MarineMama said...

Love the "eyes". Glad to hear that your new tools work. I will be checking into them too! I think I know the sewing store you are talking about. I am running errands tomorrow and will be able to see if I am right. But still let me know if you can think of the name please! =)
Hope you are getting caught back up with the time change and your rest. I think I finially am! =) Praise the Lord.
Christian Love
MarineMama (Megan)

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Pokey parts OUT...I'll try to remember. lol.

And the difficulty with the blinds? You're not the only one. I have four sets waiting for installation in the garage, but I dread the fight that must be had with the inside of the sill when it comes time to screwing in the bracket. Your ending (manual) sounds like our ending. ;)

A very fun post, once again.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a few months. I love your posts and am always so encouraged when I check in with you. Thank you for taking the time to share with us!
By the way, I've never seen a retractable clothes line - great idea. Where do they sell those?
In His love,
Tina in AL

HsKubes said...

Pam ~ Thank you for the tips. ;o) I look forward to practicing this week.

Stephanie ~ Thank you for visiting and for your kind words. ;o)

Ginny ~ LOL... Thank you for your concern regarding my sporatic eye problems. lol
As Pam mentioned, the smaller cutter helps around the curves. I think it takes practice, too. ;o) I'm still working on it. lol

Tracy ~ The worst part for me, too, is the cutting. It tends to hurt my wrist so I'm really enjoying using the cutter and hope to become more 'skilled'. ;o)

Karen ~ Thank you. ;o) lol I'm glad my children find it funny. ;o)
It does feel great to have completed projects. I hope to have more soon, too. ;o)

Marci ~ lol... Yes, a comfy chair will definately do the trick. ;o)

Megan ~ I hope you're able to find them at the store and I hope you were able to find the store. ;o)
Still trying to adjust to the time change. ;o)

Grafted Branch ~ lol... yes, pokey parts out. Ally just 'happen' to get a picture of me when I accidently did it the wrong way. Oh dear! Oh well... at least I learned.
Yikes! Four sets of blinds. Usually they aren't so bad when I do them on the outside of the sill but these particular ones had to go on the inside. Manual... yep... mission accomplished...the end. ;o)

Tina ~ Thank you very much for visiting and leaving a comment. Your kind words are a blessing.
I tried to recall where I found the retractable clothesline and I could not. :-( I know that I tend to be cheap (er, um, frugal) so I believe it was at a store like Big L*ts, D*llar G*neral, etc...
You may be able to find one online by doing a search.
Hope that helps. ;o)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, y'all.
~ Christina


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