Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday's Things and a Winning Photo...

It was cold and breezy
with much needed rain today
and it was one of those days
that I could have stayed in my jammies
with a hot cup of coffee.
I did just that most of the morning
as I made out our menu and grocery list.
In the meantime,
the children did copywork and coloring
and Ally worked on her academics.

Then this afternoon,
we braved the weather
and went to a local health food store
to buy a few things
and then went to the commisary
for our bi-weekly grocery shopping trip.
Afterwards, we ran into the library
to look for a specific something
and, somehow, exited the library
with a whole lot of other 'somethings'. lol
The children were excited to have
a few new books to read.
Ally was thrilled to see her new math
sitting at the front door.
She is eager to begin her pre-calculus. ;o)

That was the bulk of our day today.
Tomorrow, Lord willing and weather permitting,
we will be having our homeschool park day.
This is a day the children always look forward to,
as do the mommies.
Fellowshipping can be such a blessing. ;o)

Oh, we were excited to learn this week
a photo we submitted
was chosen as winner in a contest
that was hosted by

I was thrilled and thankful to receive

one of their ebooks as a prize
and look forward to reading it. ;o)

The photo was taken by Ally...

(this one is very similar to the one they chose but not exact)
There were many wonderful photos submitted.
We enjoyed looking through the slideshow they provided.

I hope y'all are enjoying your week!

"The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying,
Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love:
therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee."
~ Jeremiah 31:3


MarineMama said...

Congratulations on winning! How sweet a picture! =)
I was wondering what a good book to read would be to learn about Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Style. Thanks!
Christian Love,
MarineMama (Megan)

Ron and Ginny said...

I'm glad you won. It is a nice picture. My brother is here again, for a short time and was asking about your husbands name, to see if he knows him. If you are okay with that (and we will totally understand if you are not), my e-mail address is on my profile on my blog. I will give you my brother's name and some info by return e-mail.

Tracy said...


I'm so impressed with Ally's corsework. Please do let us know how she likes the pre-calculus.

Shannon @ Some Fine Taters said...

Congrats on the sweet picture!

I saw you guys at the health food store yesterday. As I was getting in my car I saw your daughter as you arrived & I thought, "she looks familiar," but I couldn't place the face until after I drove off. We love the milk and the cinnamon twists there! We picked up a bunch of Christmas goodies to mail to Papa yesterday.

Pam said...

Kudos on winning the photo entry!

And I must that I'm very proud of you for installing the blinds and clothesline with a MANUAL screwdriver! You deserve some sort of award!

Mrs. T said...

Oh how fun, congratulations! :D

Happymama said...

Congratulations on your prize winning photo! :)


marsha said...

You have a lovely family blog. Thanks for sharing. It's always nice to run across another family that is in the military....and your family is beautiful. :)

HsKubes said...

Megan ~ Thank you. ;o)
A great, thorough book to read would be "A Charlotte Mason Companion" by Karen Andreola. For an overview and less 'in-depth' book, "A Charlotte Mason Education" by Catherine Levison is good. Hope that helps. ;o)

Ginny ~ Thank you. ;o) How wonderful that your brother is visiting. I'm sure you're enjoying your time with him. I'll be checking to see if my beloved has heard of your brother.

Tracy ~ Thank you. ;o)
Ally does enjoy learning and I'm very thankful for that. She is finding her pre-cal challenging but she is enjoying it. ;o)

Shannon ~ How funny that you saw us as you were leaving. We love going to that store, too! I'm sure y'all's papa will appreciate the goodies. ;o)

Pam ~ Thank you. ;o)
lol... well, I did begin with the battery operated screwdriver but the wood was so hard that I had to do it manually! ;o) I'm just glad they're up. ;o)

Mrs. T ~ Thank you. ;o)

Kristi ~ Thank you, too. ;o)

Marsha ~ Thatnk you for your kind words and for visiting. I, too, always enjoy meeting other military families. ;o)

~ Christina


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