Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bean Dip and Quesadillas...

With my beloved away,
I will occasionally opt for an easier meal. ;o)
The other day, for supper,
the children and I had bean dip and quesadillas.

...featured in my new fall dishes I got on sale ;o)

I loved the maple leaf dishes, the pie plate,
two matching mugs with maple leaf etchings,
all in beautiful, warm autumn colors!

The recipe for the bean dip, I got from a friend.
I thought I hated sour cream but this is delicious!

Bean Dip

Layer, in order,
1 can store bought can or homemade refried beans
1 small container of sour cream
cheddar cheese (or a mexican mix of cheese)
diced tomato
(lettuce is, also, good on it)

Can dip with tortilla chips or quesadillas.

The quesadillas we made were only cheese
(due to what was left in our fridge)
but there are many ways you can make them...
taco meat
bacon and tomato
pepper jack cheese

They're great with flour tortillas
(wheat, tomato basil, spinach, etc...)
or you can make them home made, too.
The above quesadillas,
I made in our lil' George Forman-like grill.

There were no leftovers at our home. ;o)


Anonymous said...

Hello My dear Friend,
These sound so yummy. I like a simple meal.

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Sounds wonderful! Do you heat the dip up? Or are the beans prepared a head of time? Sorry for all the questions ;) We LOVE Mexican style food around here.


Ron and Ginny said...

The dishes are very nice and the food is very pretty. (I like pretty food...heehee)

I see that you thought you didn't like sour cream, but found out different. You may find out that you all like sweet potatoes, too. (hint hint) LOL! ;-)

Tracy said...

Mmmm... sounds yummy.

HsKubes said...

Elizabeth ~ I like a simple meal, too, sometimes. ;o)

Amy ~ I do not heat the dip up. I do, however, heat the beans up (and I like to add a little salsa to them) so they will spread easier in a dish. We LOVE mexican food, too. Mmmm!

Ginny ~ Thank you. I like pretty food, too. ;o)
I had to laugh at your sweet potato comment. My day has arrived! I'll be posting about it on Monday. ;o)

Tracy ~ Thank you. They were quite yummy. ;o)

~ Christina

keeperathome44 said...

We enjoy this bean dip at out house too. I add some taco seasoning spice to the sour cream to jazz it up. I have also added avocado and black olives. yummm....
maybe that will be dinner tonight!

mommyto7( said...

Hi...we made this exact same dinner at my house tonight. It was a hit. Even my 2 yr. old, who is usually very picky, loved this dip. I was wondering if I could e-mail you privately. Have a wonderful evening! ~Holly


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