Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday's Musings...

I hope y'all had a blessed Lord's Day yesterday.
It was such a blessing being in the Lord's house,
hearing His Precious Word preached.
The Sunday school lesson and the a.m. sermon
were such a blessing.
In the evening service,
we had a visiting evangelist.
What the Lord laid on his heart
was a little tough to hear
but it was a wonderful admonition and blessing!
One of the things he mentioned
was serving God with our 'trinity'
(our body, soul, and spirit).
He spoke about how it can sometimes
be easy to be 'spiritual'
yet we tend to neglect giving our bodies to the Lord.
He mentioned how many times,
he'll hear of (believers) that take their lives (in su*cide)
and how they will answer to Christ...
how they prematurely shortened their time
to serve Christ here on Earth.
Then he proceeded to point out
that we ought not to be so harsh on them
because many of us are doing the same thing
by the way we live, eat, etc...
how through our eating habits, other habits, etc...
we are prematurely shortening our days
and that one day we, as well, will stand before Christ.
It was a powerful message! Praise God!

After the service, Ally was very eager
to enjoy our church's new grand piano!...

And, of course, we ladies were excited as well... ;o)

Oh, what beautiful music it makes! ;o)
And what a blessing it is that the Lord provided it
for our church... for free! God is so Good!

Today was cloudy and rainy...
one of those laid back kind of days.
Early this morning, Carolynne and I
went to her dentist appointment.
Poor thing had to get a filling
but she did so great. I was so proud of her
and thankful for the answer to prayers.
She (and Mommy) made it through. ;o)

This afternoon, the children and I
worked together to get a box ready
to ship to Daddy and his Marines.
Pastor had given me 20 New Testament,
marked edition, Bibles!
What a blessing that was.
I am so excited to be able to send them
and so are the children!
We prayed for the Marines that will receive them
as we prepared them to put in the box.
We are shipping these out
in the name of our church.
Here was our set up...

New Testament Bibles (marked edition),
personal prayer list booklets,
read the Bible in a year schedule
(though we decided not to ship this because
we were only sending New Testaments),
and our church's new Christmas tracts,
along with a favorite snack among Marines...
Rice Krispy Treats. ;o)

Ally and I wrote inscriptions
on the inside cover of the Bibles
while Will put the prayer list booklet inside,
along with a Christmas tract on the cover,
then secured it with two rubber bands...

After the Bibles were prepared, I put them in the box,
then Beth and Carolynne helped to put in the treats...

We topped it off with a little note and sealed the box...

We plan to ship it off tomorrow.
Also this week, we hope to get together another box
for Daddy and his Marines from us personally.
We are sending giant stockings with goodies. ;o)
We sure enjoyed preparing that box
and pray the Lord will use it to lead those Marines
to come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

This evening, after supper, we were {finally} able
to completely finish our book
"Summer with the Moody's"
and we even read the first chapter of our next one,
"Autumn with the Moody's". ;o)
The children were enjoying it very much,
as was I.

Tomorrow we head to the post office, Lord willing,
and in the evening we plan to make a visit
to our "church grandpa".
He has cancer (deemed terminal)
and has been home, doing hospice, for a few weeks.
He has been unable to make it to church
and we miss him greatly,
so we look forward to seeing him.
He is such a loving and godly man,
and, wow, what a soul winner for Christ!

I, also, hope to work on Beth's dress
and Will's bowtie this week.
I was able to complete Carolynne's
Christmas dress over the weekend...

And Ally was able to finish
her dress, too!
Only one dress and a bowtie to go
and then we can do our family pictures. ;o)

Before I go, I just wanted to share
Carolynne's 'family portrait'
that she drew on the chalk board today.
We aren't proportionally drawn
but that's okay, she's three. ;o)
I thought she did such a wonderful job, though.
I just love when they draw people!

(drawing from left to right)

Carolynne, Will, Daddy, Ally, Mommy, Beth

I hope y'all are enjoying your week. ;o)

"For ye are bought with a price:
therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit,
which are God's."
1 Corinthians 6:20


Tracy said...

I always love reading your newsy posts! You seem so joy filled, and that is contagious, my friend!

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

What a blessing to receive such a wonderful piano for your church! I know the Lord will bless you and your family for caring for the soldiers and sending them these care packages and include the Lord's Word. Great job on the dress and I LOVE Carolynne's picture too cute.

Have a wonderful evening.

Karen said...

You've been so busy, I don't know how you get everything done! I'm sure the NT will be a blessing to the marines, as will the stockings. I think the dresses are beautiful that y'all are making. Can't wait to see the portrait.
Have a wonderful, blessed week, Christina.

Ron and Ginny said...

That sermon by the evangelist sounds like a necessary one for all churches... ;-) Nice box for the guys. :-D What is the prayer list booklet? I have never heard of that. By the way, I was struck by the last picture (of Carolyn and her picture). She looks just like her Daddy! Sometimes, children just get a look about them, like my neices and nephews, that make me take a second look and say, "Wow, that look was EXACTLY like ______!!!" ;-)

I can't wait to see the Official Family Portrait. :-D

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I wish I could have heard the message from the visiting sounds like it was very convicting.
You did a great job on the dress; did it take you long?
I know the Marines will appreciate the care package. Our guys here just received a large envelopes of letters from elementary school children, and some college kids; it uplifted all of them to know that so many people in the states support what we're doing. Thank you for taking the time to put all of that together!

Hubby said...

Honey, thank you for the Bibles, tracts, treats, ect... You know the fastest two ways to a man's (even a Marine's) heart! lol I am looking forward to the time that we don't have to mail 'things' across the world to each other. Instead, just hand them to each other. The picture that Caro drew, well one word comes to mind. Priceless.... I LOVE IT!!! Before I go, I noticed two little 'helpers' on the box helping Beth and Caro.

Love ya,

momofmhasr said...

What a blessing Christina! To have such willing kittle helpers. And a beautiful piano, very nice. Praying you have a great day!

Julie's Jewels said...

What a blessing that you are able to send those packages to the soldiers. I know they will appreciate it and I pray they receive Christ as a result. If they don't at least the seed will be planted.

Mrs. T said...

I very much agree with that evangelist. It's something I've been on about for quite some time. :)

That package looks great, I am certain your marine buddies will appreciate it! No one I know is in the service this year, but I've been thinking I'd like to do something for some troops...not sure how to go about that.

What a sweet drawing :D

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

What a blessing your church is to those precious Marines...may lives be changed for all eternity!

I love the way children tend to draw families with big heads--all the better to hold their big brains, I say! lol.

Christian Homekeeper said...

I love the drawing your daughter did, it looks so much like the "people" my daugther draws! She just turned 4. Thanks for sharing your day with us, I enjoy reading your blog. =)

Anonymous said...

You really are the busiest person I know.I still need to get Bill's box mailed. and your boxes done, I do enjoy doing it,I'm looking forward to seeing and getting The Family Portrait.Your a Good Mom Christina, Love and Miss you

Anonymous said...

OH YEAH, Congradulations on being a nominee I'm not surprised.
Love Mom

Kristy Jo said...

I love the family pic!! what a great job she did....

How long does it take for a package to arrive in iraq? I took your advice (ok stole it really :P) and got a huge stocking to send to our Marine friend over in Iraq... I just want to make sure that it gets to him on time!
What a beatiful piano! what a blessing!
and all the Bibles and tracks....

HsKubes said...

Tracy ~ Thank you very much. Praise God it's contagious. ;o)

Amy ~ It was a great blessing to get such a beautiful piano for the church. We are really enjoying it.
We are really praying for the Marines that will receive those Bibles. ;o)

Karen ~ Yes, lol, we've been very busy. I have no idea how we get it done either... by God's grace. ;o) We pray the Bibles are a blessing the the Marines and that we'll see souls saved as a result.
Thank you. I am enjoying making the dresses. I look forward to the end of this project, though, and getting our pics done. ;o)

Ginny ~ Yes, it was a powerful sermon and a necessary one.
The prayer list booklet is just a small booklet of blank pages to write in prayer requests. I'll try to post it soon with some pics. ;o)
Yes, lol, Carolynne DOES look like her daddy. ;o) I love it!

Pam ~ Yes, the message was good and convicting. Just what I needed.
Thank you regarding the dress. I don't think the dress takes me too long but I do tend to lengthen my time because I'm what many call a 'perfectionist'... plus I am fully lining the bodices. But the pattern is not very hard.
What a blessing for those men to receive those letters. I know they mean a lot, too. What a blessing it is to be a blessing. ;o)

HUBBY ~ LOL! Yes, I do know one of the fastest ways to a man's/Marine's heart (well, at least my man's/Marine's). ;o) I'm sure your guys will devour the treats. Prayerfully, they will devour God's Word, too. ;o)
I sure look forward to the 'no more mail' days, too. Not too much longer. ;o) woo hoo!!!
I knew you would love Caro's pic. What I didn't tell you was how she said their nostrils were boogers. lol... silly innocence. ;o)
Yes, Beth and Caro had a little extra help putting the treats in the box. ;o) I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU!!!

momofmhasr ~ Thank you. Yes, it was a blessing... the piano and the helpers. ;o)

Julie ~ Yes, it was such a blessing to get those Bibles for free to send. Thank you for praying with us!

Mrs. T ~ What the evangelist said was something that has been on my own heart, too, for quite some time. It was such a blessing to hear.
We are praying the box of goodies and God's Word will be a blessing.
If you want to do something for our servicemen, I know they have programs like adopt-a-soldier and such. You can search for them online. ;o)

Grafted Branch ~ Yes, it is such a blessing the church donated the Bibles. We are praying for them as they receive it.
I, too, love the big head drawings. Yes, the better to hold their big brains. lol

Christian Homekeeper ~ Thank you. We love her drawing, too. Aren't childrens' drawings adorable?! I love to see their creativity!

Mom ~ lol... Yes, I guess we do keep pretty busy. You've seen that all year, huh? ;o) We look forward to your boxes and I know Bill will enjoy it, too. ;o) I hope to get the photos soon {grin} and will send them out as soon as possible.
And, thank you, Mama, for your words. They thrill my heart. I'm thankful you are my mommy! Love and miss you.

Kristy Jo ~ Thank you. I loved her picture, too. ;o)
A package can vary. I usually send mine priority and it will take a week or a little longer, so regular mail would be even longer, not to mention holiday 'traffic'. I would recommend sending it priority and give it a minimum of two weeks (longer if possible). Hope that helps.
And, yes, the Lord's blessings are bountiful. ;o)

~ Christina

Mrs. T said...

Ooo okay :D I'll have to look into that. Thanks :)

Kristy Jo said...

thanks! you have been so helpful! :P


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