Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Works-for-Me-Wednesday... Fruit Snack...

This is my first time participating in
a Works-for-Me-Wednesday.
It will be more like a "Will-Work-for-Me-Wednesday"
because I haven't done this just yet
but look forward to doing trying it.

I don't normally look through magazines
that are in the doctors' offices,
but when we visited the doctor on Monday,
I happened to see the latest copy
of "Good Housekeeping" on the counter
and was making references to spring cleaning
that I thought I would take a glance at.
Well, I came across this idea

that I thought was interesting..

Turning fruit into a treat...

My children enjoy fruit for the most part
but I thought this was a nice idea
instead of putting cookies, candy,
and other miscellaneous 'junk food'
in our counter containers like this,
fill them with prewashed fruits.
Ready, accessible, healthy snacks!


Shereen said...

That is a such a neat idea. On top of that, I think it looks really nice and refreshing. I wonder how much one of those containers go for. I think I have seen them at Walmart. I will look into that. Thanks for sharing.

HsKubes said...

I hope to get some of those containers, too. I really like the idea of leaving the fruit out like that as well. If you find the containers, I'd love to know.

~ Christina

Janie said...

Those canisters are really pretty. I was thinking, though, of how fast that fruit would disappear at my house today. My boys can sure go through the groceries!

Mrs.B. said...

What a great idea! And so pretty too! (o:

Karen said...

I like this idea, too. Right now my fruit sits in an old wash basin, and it goes pretty fast.
I just read the update for today with Ally, and am sitting here just giddy, but more importantly, in awe, of how God just worked it out for you.
Continuing prayers!

HsKubes said...

Janie ~ The canisters aren't mine, but I thought they were pretty, too, and hope to find some. And I know what you mean about going through the groceries. My son sure can eat, but my lil' girls are eaters, too, on good days.

Mrs. B ~ I liked the idea, too.

Karen ~ Your old wash basin sounds lovely. And I was giddy when I heard how the Lord answered Ally's prayer, too. Isn't He wonderful?

~ Christina


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