Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tidbits from Our Trip: Part 4A... Jamestown Settlement...

While the children enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg
and Historic Jamestown,
it was at Jamestown Settlement
that they could really be children!
The settlement was a reconstruction
of what Jamestown likely looked like
and everything there was hands-on.
The children were able to touch things,
try things, play, run, etc...
There were no "No, honey, don't touch that"
or "Don't run" or "We need to use our 'inside voices'".
They had so much fun...
So much, in fact, that it will take two posts
to cover the whole settlement!

They were first greeted by an indian

at the Powhatan Indian Village...

The children enjoyed listening to him
tell about the village and they were really excited
when they learned that they could go exploring...
Touching, playing, picking things up was encouraged.

So off they ran into the indian homes...

Ally made herself comfortable

by trying out the fur-lined beds...

The children enjoyed feeling the different furs

that were laying out...

Outside of one of the indian homes,
was an animal skin hanging out
and on the ground was a bucket of oyster shells.
The children learned that with the oyster shells,
indians would scrape fur from the skins they had hung.
And the children were able to try it, too...

Nearby was a game

that indian children would have played.
There were rope hoops hanging
and ears of indian corn had feathers attached.
The children would throw the corn through the hoops
to see how many hoops they could get
the ear of corn through...

After the indian village, we headed to see the ships,
the Susan Constant, the Discovery, and the Godspeed
(the ones Will saw in the museum)...

We only went aboard the Susan Constant
but they loved exploring the whole ship!
Here were the younger ones in the sleeping quarters...

Tomorrow will be my last post about our trip.
It will be the photos of us in the reconstructed Jamestown.

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