Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tidbits from Our Trip: Part 3... Historic Jamestown...

In addition to visiting Colonial Williamsburg,
we were able to visit nearby Jamestown.
First we visited Historic Jamestown.
We walked through the 'mini' museum

reading history and seeing artifacts
and watched a short film on the history of Jamestown.

Will was excited to see models of the three ships,
the Susan Constant, the Discovery, and the Godspeed...

After browsing the museum,
we headed outside to walk around Historic Jamestown...

It was a joy to look at the sites
and think of how those that were there 400 years ago
saw this same place. We were treading historic ground...

It was also fun (and educational)
to read of the different ruins that we saw...

Near the historic church, there was a statue of Pocahontas
that the children wanted to have a picture taken with...

There was also one of Captain John Smith...

One of the more fascinating things we saw
was a current excavation site...

It was fun to learn how they marked the site
and of the things they were finding.
Tomorrow I hope to share about visiting

the Jamestown Settlement...
a place where they 'reconstructed'
what they believe Jamestown looked like.

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