Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits and My Tackle for the Day...

Today I spent time catching up on a little laundry,
working a bit in the kitchen,
and decided to do a little spring cleaning in my living room.

I'm ashamed to say how long it had been before this...

had seen this...

But it tempted me to do this...

It's scary what you can find in the crevices of your couch.

I also pulled out the furniture
to wipe the floors and baseboards down.

Later in the day, my mom, the lil' girls, and I
decided to take a trip to Walmart for a few things.
How is it that almost three hours can pass by
while you're in there and you not really notice?
We were glad to get home and put our feet up
and eat some yummy supper... wet burritos. Mmmm.
Hope y'all enjoyed your day.

1 comment:

Mrs.B. said...

Boy can I relate to wanting to finding all kinds of strange things in the crevices of the couch! And your post made me smile, thank you! (o:



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