Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ September 28, 2010

For today...
Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Outside my window...
clouds beautifully
stretch across the light blue sky

I am thinking...
how it has been almost a full month
since I've done a daybook
and how the Father has been
teaching me SO much lately

I am thankful ...
that my Heavenly Father
opens my blinded eyes,
that He leads me to humility,
blesses me with repentance,
and teaches me His truth..
and how He shelters me,
protects me, and defends me
against those that fear,
do not understand, and oppose

I am wearing...
a burgundy and white checkered
square neck dress
that my eldest made for me
a few years ago

I am remembering...
where my Heavenly Father
has brought me from

I am reading...
Ezekiel, Matthew
and select portions for Sukkot this week;
lesson in our Sunday evening Bible study;
"Real Christianity" by William Wilberforce;
"Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus" by Ann Spangler, Lois Tverberg

I am hoping (praying)...
for our eldest, who is at college,
to grow closer to the Savior,
to see HIS truths,
and to obey and follow HIM;
for my sister and her husband
as his father is near eternity;
for the LORD (YHWH)
to open the eyes of His people

On my mind...
the disciples, the prophets,
many others, and even Jesus (Yeshua)
suffered reproach and persecution...
and I am blessed to among them

From the learning rooms...
studying Scripture
and reading about Sukkot
(The Feast of Tabernacles)
as we observe and celebrate it

Noticing that...
HE is faithful
in calling HIS children to HIM...
revealing HIS truths and way...
and opening blinded eyes...
if we will but listen,
see, and obey.

Pondering these words...
"Blessed are ye,
when men shall revile
(reproach) you,

and persecute you,
and shall say all manner
of evil against you falsely,

for My sake.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad:

for great is your reward in Heaven... "
(Matthew 5:11-12)

Though it may be painful
and discouraging, at times,

I REJOICE that ...I may gain
deeper understanding of His words
as I seek His Truth! I rejoice!

"He that loveth
father or mother more than me

is not worthy of me:
and he that loveth
son or daughter more than me

is not worthy of me.
And he that taketh not his cross,
and followeth after me,

is not worthy of me."
(Matthew 10:37-38)

From the kitchen...
the younger ones
are learning
how to serve HIM.

Many yummy delights
are coming,
in celebration of this feast!

I am creating...
tea wallets
(a special request
from an online friend
but am making many more)

I am hearing...
background music
from my blog...
faint talking from the children
as they play in the family room

One of my favorite things...
learning with the children

A few plans for the rest of the week...
continue learning
and celebrating Sukkot;
sew tea wallets; mail packages;
go grocery shopping;
fellowship with friends;
enjoy the blessings of home

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

A view from inside our sukkah

"... The fifteenth day of this seventh month
shall be the feast of tabernacles
for seven days unto the LORD."
(Leviticus 23:34)

"And ye shall keep it a feast unto the LORD
seven days in the year.
It shall be a statute for ever in your generations..."
(Leviticus 23:41)

"And it shall come to pass,
that every one that is left of all the nations
which came against Jerusalem shall even go up
from year to year to worship the King,
the LORD of hosts,
and to keep the feast of tabernacles."
(Zechariah 14:16)

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