Monday, September 6, 2010

7 Day Modesty Challenge: Day 2

Wearing dresses/skirts is not a new thing for me.
I threw my pants away many years ago (10+ years)
after the LORD dealt with my heart regarding this area
and I surrendered to HIS will for me.
(Why I wear dresses/skirts only can be found HERE)

Living life in a dress/skirt is very possible.
It's easy, it's comfortable, it feminine.
I have moved furniture, mowed grass, washed dishes,
scrubbed toilets, tubs, sinks, and floors,
gone bike riding, walking, shopping, climbed stairs,
and all sorts of many, daily (and not-so-daily) things,
all in a dress.

This being said,
the 7 Day Challenge at Feelin' Feminine
is not, necessarily, going to be a "challenge" for me
but I thought it would be fun to participate anyway
and, perhaps, encourage someone else,
that has been examining this area of their lives,
straddling the fence of whether or not to wear dresses,
to jump on board and accept the challenge. ;o)

In this challenge, I hope to share a week
of my life in dresses...

For HIS glory...

(too late for day 1, but below is day 2)

Black dress (which has an immodest top)
worn with a collared, button up shirt over it.

And since it's been chilly here,
most of my day was spent wearing this hoodie...

7 Day Challenge hosted by
Anna and Michaela


Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Very pretty indeed.

Susan said...

I love things like this! I participated in a similar week several years ago, and that week of posts is still my most-visited set of posts on my blog. People are very interested in modest dress, whether for help and encouragement or to criticize! ;) I wish I'd known about this one sooner; I would have participated. For now, I'll just pop over to the other blogs and take a look!

Bren said...

Beautiful. Love your braids! Like Susan, I love these kinds of posts. I will wait til I lose a few more pounds to do a week of feminine

Missy said...

I stopped wearing pants when I was 16 yrs old - shortly after we met. Except for a brief period of a year when I had backslid some, I haven't worn pants in over 20 years. I found a dress at Kohls on Clearance for $8. It goes to my ankles but has an immodest top, so I cut the top off and am putting elastic in the waist. With the top I am making matching fsbric flowers to put on pin to wear with my skirt!
I like your hair too, makes me not feel silly now since I wear my hair like with a bandana almost all the time when I am home. LOL

Michaela said...

Hello! :) I'm so happy to see someone else participating in the challenge!! Fun. Very nice outfits, and I agree with your statement on skirts 100%! Thanks for encouraging other ladies to dress modestly. :D

HsKubes said...

Mrs. Bridget ~ Thank you. ;o)

Susan ~ Yes, I have noticed that, too. It's not too late to start if you wanted to share. ;o) The more is certainly the merrier, in this case. ;o)

Bren ~ Thank you. I like to braid it sometimes. ;o) No need to wait to lose pounds... I didn't. ;o)

Missy ~ Thanks for sharing your brief testimony. How fun to dissect a dress and have a project! Can't wait to see it! And thank you, I wear something on my hair everyday. I do like it, too. ;o)

Michaela ~ Happy to participate. I saw that there needed to be more. Perhaps more will join in. ;o) Thanks for hosting!

~ Christina

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate your blog & may the Lord bless you. Good to see others participating in this challenge to dress more modestly.

Rejoicing in Him, Patrizia

patrizia said...

Really appreciate your blog & may the Lord bless you. Good to see others participating in this challenge to dress more modestly.

Rejoicing in Him, Patrizia

HsKubes said...

Patrizia ~ Thank you. I enjoyed participating and pray it has been a blessing and encouragement to others!


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