Thursday, September 9, 2010

7 Day Modesty Challenge: Day 5

A sunny but cool day today

in southern California...

Floral jumper (made by me),
3/4 sleeve beige tee,
and burgundy covering

7 Day Challenge: Day 4
7 Day Challenge: Day 3
7 Day Challenge: Day 2
(Day 1... missed it...
but better late than never)

How about you?!

Wearing dresses?
Ever wanted to?

Why not participate in the challenge?

7 Day Challenge hosted by
Anna and Michaela


Claudia J said...

I have been reading your wonderful blog for about a year. Are you head covering now. I see them showing up in your photos. Please write about it. I would love to know the journey.

Beth said...

I ADORE your jumper!!! God is blessing me with a sewing machine someone is giving me and I can't wait to learn more than I had in home ec 25ish years ago ;)

Would you by chance think of doing a custom order and selling one?

Love your blog. You are beautiful inside and out!

Bren said...

I love your jumper!! I wish I could sew clothing.

Anonymous said...

Your jumper is just so beautiful and practical, really a blessing to be able to sew.


denise said...

Love your outfits! Thanks for the encouragement! I too second you writing about the covering! We have been praying about that. Do you make your own coverings as well? God Bless you as you make your way in a new state!


HsKubes said...

Claudia ~ Yes, I have been wearing a covering. I do hope to share my journey but am praying and waiting on His timing. Perhaps soon. ;o)

Beth ~ Thank you. This is a jumper I made this spring before we moved across country. How wonderful to be blessed with a sewing machine! When I first got mine, I had no idea how to sew. A few years after, I finally decided to take a brief sewing class at a local fabric shop. The rest continues to be trial and error. ;o)
Ideally, I would LOVE to do custom orders, however, I do not know that it would be the best use of my time right now and, honestly, is scares me a bit as my creations are NOT flawless. I am beginning to take occasional "orders", privately from a few friends. If you'd like, you could contact me via email (in the left sidebar) and we can chat about it. ;o)
Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, too. They are a blessing!
Happy sewing! ;o)

Bren ~ Thank you. ;o) Sewing clothing isn't too difficult once you know a few basics. I encourage you to check out a local fabric store, community college, or church for a short class. ;o) That's how I learned.

Nadege ~ Thank you. Practical is such a necessity but how lovely to make it as feminine and pretty as we can, too. ;o) Learning to sew has been a great blessing, indeed. I am very thankful He provided a way and helped me to learn.

Denise ~ Thank you. I have not, yet, made any coverings but I do plan to in the very near future. ;o) Thank you, too, for your words of encouragement.

~ Christina

Anonymous said...

That jumper is beautiful! I really need to learn how to sew. Thanks for sharing.

Erela said...

I love the jumper - it reminds me of autumn. You look lovely in it :)


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