Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Deep the Father's Love for Us

Sang this song over and over today.
Made it into this video.
How deep, how great
the Father's love
truly is toward us!

(Please be sure to stop the background music,
found in the right sidebar)


Anonymous said...

hi Kristina,
I so love this hymn. It really touches my heart deeply.
so nice to vist your blog again. Hope all is well with you all.
blessings Sandra nz

Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing this song. I love it as well. Steve and I sang it as a duet this past summer.

Today at the park Cheryl mentioned about your 7 day Modesty Challenge so I thought I'd take a look. I think it's great!

By the way, how are you handling having Ally gone? When I think of Ally at college, I think of you at your new home. Praying for you.

I do miss you. Don't think that you'll be making it over to the East Coast any time soon do you? :)

Alexandra said...

Great song! My roommate and I enjoyed listening to it. I really enjoy reading your posts about what's been going on lately. I can't wait to read more! (hint hint! lol) I miss you all so much. Love you!


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