Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mail Call: Learning Biblical Holidays

We had a delivery this morning
from our man in the brown truck!

I just LOVE getting books in the mail
that we are able to use
to train up our children at home...
and learn right along with them! *Ü*

This one arrived right on time, too,
as the Feast of Trumpets is upon us!

Celebrating our Messiah in the Festivals

Once upon a time, I disregarded learning
about the festivals of our Creator.
I am thankful that He changed my heart and mind.
It continues to be such a blessing
to learn more about Him,
more about the Messiah,
through these set apart times!

We look forward to adding this new resource
to the one that we have already been using!

A Family Guide to Biblical Holidays



Susan said...

I love to study the feasts, the Passover, and the Tabernacle to see the types of Jesus and parallels in the New Testament in them. Studying the book of Hebrews is also a favorite - so much richness there! Enjoy your study of the feasts!

Anonymous said...

I loved learning about the biblical feasts! We did a study last year through Grapevine Studies about biblical feasts and loved it!

Anonymous said...

I have Celebrate the Feasts as I love learning about our brother and sisters of Jewish lineage and my children and I have learned alot and hope to one day have dad involved in celebrating such wonderful seasonal celebrations

Sonja said...

Thank you soooo much for posting about these two books. I have always wanted to learn more and celebrate the holidays in a better way, but everyone has given me skeptical, crazy looks. And then today at Lifeway, I browsed through their homeschool selection, and they had ONE copy of the purple book! I was thrilled. A bit pricey, but I know we will use this for years to come. I read in the car the first little Introduction and I felt like they were repeating everything I was feeling. :)

Anyways, thanks for posting about it. Have a great weekend!

HsKubes said...

Susan ~ Yes, studying the feasts has been such a joy! What amazing symbolism in His set aside feasts! I love learning more about Him!

Anonymous ~ How exciting! We are enjoying it. I will look into the studies you mentioned. Thank you. ;o)

Jeannie ~ We enjoy learning about our heritage, as well, and more about our Creator and Savior through studying His feasts. A blessing, indeed! We, too, pray that Daddy will be more involved in the future but until then we delight in learning and sharing what we learn with him!

Sonja ~ How wonderful you were able to get the book! The book has been such a blessing and resource for me! May He bless as you continue to seek Him!

~ Christina


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