Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Songs for This Special Season...

This is a shameless announcement and advertisement ;o)

I have been blessed with listening to a cd of some beautiful
piano arrangements about our Savior's birth the past few weeks!
And I just had to share (really, I just had to!) that
the cd I've been delightfully enjoying
is now available for purchase!

AND when purchased, you have the blessing of
not only enjoying these beautiful songs that honor our LORD,
but you, also, get to help a young lady save for the mission field!

For more information, be sure to visit HERE

Why did I say this was a
shameless announcement and advertisement???

Because this young lady is our eldest daughter. ;o)


Elizabeth said...

I love Christmas piano music. Can't wait til I get it!

Anonymous said...

You know I want a cd..I will order it soon..maybe today,later..I could'nt sleeep..but now I am tired after reading all blogs,so have a great day and thank you for all your prayers
Love Mom

Sherry said...

What a blessing to hear about your daughter's cd. :D I know is is cherished.


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