Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sermon By Our Son...

In addition to the special music
during our All Youth Service,
we were blessed to hear our son
give his first sermon before the congregation.

It filled this mama's heart with joy
to see him study, pray,
and stand before the church
to share what the Lord laid on his heart.

Below is the video of his sermon...
{approximately 9 minutes long}

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Madeleine said...


He remind me of our pastor. Even in the way he is dressed. Maybe there is a calling there, somewhere.

PlainJane said...

AMEN on the Youth Service and your children's involvment!!! I love "Send the Light" - I think we sang that at the start of class in college Missions class every day. What a blessing to have your children singing and oh boy, Will did a great job. A lot of the great pastors & evangelists started young, but not sure how many started that young. You sure are doing something right there Miss Christina. May the LORD's name be praised!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is so wonderful and awesome!

Anonymous said...

tried and tried again..and Will's and The Daughters"aren't playing,they keep pausing and the audio is to low..but Will sure looks good in the pulpit but a little nervous:} hope to hear it soon,maybe your dad can igute it out..Love and miss you all
Love Mom

♥ Tamara ♥ said...

Beautiful and Amen! Thank you for your Christmas letter and pictures. It was nice to add your family to our Prayer Wall.

Happy New Year!
♥ Tamara ♥

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