Friday, December 4, 2009

Haven at Home Happenings...

Sharing snapshots of our happenings this week...

Daddy had the day off on Monday

and took the younger ones fishing.

I was able to capture a few shots of them

when I was bringing something to them

that had been left at home.

I enjoyed seeing them having fun together...

Watching brother

Enjoying solitude

Learning from Daddy

Fishing together

Later, at home and with friends visiting,

Ally and her friend walked the neighborhood

inviting folks to our church's upcoming Pig Pickin'.

I was able to get a shot of them
as they were across the street...

It was a blessing and joy to see them so eager

to serve the LORD in this way.

And we enjoyed their delightful stories
when they returned!

In the evening, the younger children and a friend,
enjoyed playing in the leaves...

Also, this week, Will was reading in one of his books

about how to make an acorn top,

so he didn't delay in going outside to our large oak tree

to begin making his own top... and tops for his sisters...

Some of our homeschool work
was done at church this week,

as we spent a couple of hours there,
during the day, to clean it.

The younger children sat at a table
while Ally and I worked...

Practicing reading

(Carolynne has been doing such a wonderful job

with learning to read this year! I'm proud of her!)

Beth reading in a reader.

She, also, finished a missionary story book this week!

Will practicing cursive and other miscellaneous subjects

In addition to cleaning, Ally enjoyed playing on the Grand...

Some shots from home...

Also this week we went to Beth's violin lessons.

She played, for the first time,
with a piano accompaniment

and did quite well for the little amount of time
she's been taking lessons and practicing.
We're looking forward to her upcoming recital!

Today we look forward to spending
the morning out-of-doors,

meeting at the park with our homeschool group

and then fellowshipping with friends afterwards.

I hope you, too, have enjoyed your week

and have a wonderful weekend!


Sherry said...

My ds can't wait until daddy comes home so they can go fishing together. :D

Praise GOd for your children wanting to serve. It shows that you are helping them have the servant's heart. :D

Have a great weekend!

Gerky said...

Your week looks absolutely wonderful! And great job to Will on the acorn tops! Now the boys want to find some acorns and make them for Christmas presents. :-)

Tori said...

How fun, fishing with day is always fun if not eventful.
Looks like you had a wonderful week!
Enjoy your Lord's Day!


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