Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Few Minor Changes

I spent some time cleaning up my blog yesterday
and made a few, modest (and probably unnoticeable to some) changes.
I did think it a good idea, however,
to draw attention to a particular change.

Please notice that when on the main page,
the "Comments" option for each post

is now located at the TOP of each post.

I apologize for any confusion
and hope it won't be a problem at all.
I hope this little 'clean up' is a little more
'eye and user friendly'. ;o)


Sharon said...

I like the new fonts. Very nice.

Jasmine said...

I love the header. Very nice. xox

Tori said...

I like it, it looks great. I was thinking about moving my comments under the post title, maybe I will.


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