Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!

Gladly welcoming this last month of the year!
The joys of warm hats, gloves, and coats...
Hot tea, warm cocoa, seasonal treats...
Cold, clear nights; bright seasonal lights...
The potential, anticipation, and beauty of snow...
Singing songs of our Saviour's birth!

Happy December!

Winter Blanket

The snow is like a blanket that
God spreads across the land,
Where wheat and oats and barley sleep,
Awaiting spring's command.

It covers all the pasture fields,
And hides the grasses brown:
It gives the bare, gray willow tree
A clinging, woolly gown.

It wraps around a fencepost tall,
And covers up its head,
Then drifts along the meadow banks
To tuck the creek in bed.

~ Ada L. Wine

Winter's Blessings

Pretty little snowflakes
Falling to the ground;
Here is one, there is one,
Everywhere they're found.

See them fall so gently
Through the frosty air;
Every little snowflake
Has its beauties rare.

Soon the ground is covered
With the pretty snow;
Then we see the snowbirds
Flying to and fro.

Happy little creatures -
Do not reap or sow;
Yet the Master feeds them,
Even in the snow.

~ author unknown


Dawn said...

I love winter...and Texas seems to be having a mighty cold one this year(hooray for me!).

I don't know if we will see snow or not here, but I can dream, right? ;-)

I love seeing fresh snow amongst the trees, rooftops and grass, it's just so serene.

Happy December to you (I forgot it was December 1st, lol)and yours.

Sherry said...

What great pictures and love the poems, too! :D

HsKubes said...

Dawn ~ I understand. We don't get much snow here in coastal NC either. Earlier this year (JAN) was the first time that we had seen snow here since we moved here three years ago. We were hoping we would get snow this year, as the weather was so cold for a while but it's warmed back up. Our little Carolynne is faithfully praying for snow so we anticipate seeing some.
I, too, love to see fresh snow. I took those photos when we went to Michigan last Christmas. ;o)

Sherry ~ Thank you!

~ Christina


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