Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday's Things: Having a Ball...

Yesterday we had our homeschool group's
field trip to the bowling alley and we had a ball! ;o)

The chlildren enjoyed bowling a few games,
learning a few pointers, and then taking a tour
behind the lanes to see how it all worked...

Carolynne and Mama



Ally and her friend

I think the older ones were impressed the most...

I just have to say... in a world where many young people
seem to frequently have negative looking countenances,
I am always delighted and it is quite refreshing
to see genuine smiles and joy expressed
in the countenance of some young people,
whether they think someone is watching or not. ;o)
And, of course, it delights me even further
when I see it in my own children, too. ;o)

After our homeschool group was finished bowling,
we enjoyed cupcakes and fellowship.
After the majority of the group left,
the children and I (and a few friends)
stayed behind to enjoy another game...





And Mama, too. ;o)

Toward the end of the game,
some were getting a little tired out, bored,
restless, and even a little silly...

Carolynne about to make herself comfortable
on the bowling ball shelf.

Beth trying to look at the monitor
from different head positions.

Will... a little too relaxed in between turns. lol

Ally was winning so she was content to stay. ;o)

Afterwards, we headed out to load up and head home.
I suppose we are easily amused and, often,
"little things" tickle us, but we saw this sign
as we were leaving the bowling alley
and thought it was sweet...

We had never seen one quite like that.

We headed home for fun and fellowship.
While the adults and some of the children

played Uno Spin,
Ally was giving the lil' ones their violin lessons.
We enjoyed pizza for a late lunch/early supper,
drove one of the young people home,
made a quick trip to the grocery store,
then made it home for an early bedtime...
one of us started their bedtime even earlier...

She fell asleep on the way home
and there was just no waking her.
She fell asleep around 6:30 and slept all night.
It sure is precious to watch them sleep, though. ;o)

We had an enjoyable and very filling day.
I hope y'all are enjoying your week, as well!

"Blessed be the Lord,
who daily loadeth us with benefits,
even the God of our salvation. Selah."
~ Psalm 68:19


Nikki said...

Your homeschool adventures look like so much fun. Wish we could join you all. Too bad we don't live near each other.

Up until this year we had a friend who we'd go out with for homeschool dates but they put their children in Christian school. So...needless to say, we no longer have our homeschool buddies. We are all alone again. Maybe I should be so bold as to step out and find a group of some sort around here. I know there are a good many homeschoolers in this area. I just need to find some of like faith (conservative Christian).

Did you find a group when you moved to your area or was there one in your church?

Enjoy your updates. Keep 'em coming.


Mrs. Taft said...

:) Sounds like a lot of fun. I thought that sign was precious! :) I've never seen a handicapped sign like that before!

Ron and Ginny said...

Wow! I haven't been bowling in so many years, I can't even remember. :-D Thanks for taking us along! ;-)

I agree about the beautiful countenances of children (and the bad ones). It is such a deep down pleasure to look into a clear countenance.

Marcia and Joey said...

Hi, I just came upon your blog and really love it! I am in my first year of homeschooling. I have a four-year-old daughter named Helana.

VJ said...

Hi, I found your blog throught the random "next blog" on the blogger banner. I, too am a Christian, SAH, homeschooling mom. I'm glad to have found you!

We blog to a homeschool co-op, and enjoy ourselves greatly. It looks like you have a grea time.

VJ said...

Can you tell I was tired and it was late when I left a comment. I'm sorry.

I was trying to say we BELONG to a co-op, and that it looks like you had a GREAT time.

My apologies.

Mimi said...

what a great field trip...It looks like fun was had by one and all...
who was the all time winner of the bowling games?

Kristy Jo said...

our homeschool group went to the bowling ally last friday (a week ago) on a field trip as well!!!!!! The kids had such a WONDERFUL time. I feel so blessed to have the homeschool group!
Your kids are so cute and that one of your little girl sleeping on the chair is SO ADORABLE!

PlainJane said...

I'm with Carolynne, I'm tired just reading about your fun-filled day! It looks like a great time and I love the sign too.


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