Friday, January 4, 2008

Continuing Preparations...

I will spare you the details.
I will only share that there have been
new revelations as we have been
cleaning our home for Daddy's homecoming.
(and the above photo is the only detail I'll share) ;o)

So far we have paid bills and grocery shopped;
cleaned, washed, swept, scrubbed,
dusted, organized, disposed of items, etc...
in the living room, reading room, dining room, kitchen
and we have cleaned the children's bedrooms, too.
I discovered that my baseboards and floors
are not a natural brown-gray color;
floors are cleaner when you wash them by hand;
my computer desk let out a sigh of relief
when I eased it of its great, numerous "burdens";
our home looks much nicer when we can actually see
all of the flat surfaces it has to offer;
books are much more handsome
when neatly placed on the shelf
(and are more easily accessible);
we do have clothes to wear and socks that match
when we pair them up and put them away;
and dust bunnies are in NO way good pets.

Tomorrow we will continue and finish
with all of the bathrooms and the master bedroom
(and chisel away at the last bit of Mount Washmore... woo hoo!).
We, also, hope to hang Daddy's sign up tomorrow
since we didn't get to the other day.

Thank you for those that were praying for us to feel well.
The children are feeling well now, only exhausted noses
that seem to be running marathons. ;o)

Thank you all, too, for your comments.
I would love to respond to everyone
(and I plan to when I am able)
but am afraid it may take a while
and could be a slow process... but I will get to it. ;o)
Thank you for understanding.

Also, thank you, thank you for praying for our Marine.
We sure appreciate your prayers for his safe travel.
Though I am not at liberty to share
exactly when he will arrive... it will be soon.
We are eagerly awaiting our reunion!

Hope y'all enjoy your weekend!

"Praise the LORD; for the LORD is good:
sing praises unto his name; for it is pleasant."
~ Psalm 135:3


Tracy said...

Can't wait to see reunion pictures. sounds like YOU are running a marathon! Save some strength for when your husband gets home! :0)

Happymama said...

I've been busy and haven't done much blog reading the last month or so. I'm happy your husband is coming home soon. That's so great. He's a hero to us and we appreciate your Marine. Our Marine! We appreciate you too, the way you support him as he packs his bag and goes away from home to defend us and protect us. I suppose you could be on a picket line to end the war and bring back our men. Instead, you stay in the WORD and on your knees praying for him, the ones under him, and those that fight along side of him, all the while keeping the home fires burning for his safe return. That makes you a hero too.


PlainJane said...

I hear you with the housework! Recently Anna stated that she needed more long-sleeved tops (ie. buy some). Well, I finally finished the ironing and wala, no more need for tops. Amazing how that happens. lol Wishing you a wonderful weekend. We are all so excited for you!!!

Tiany said...

I am so very excited for you all, I pray he has a safe and speedy return home! We always clean like busy bees when Papa is returing home from a long trip ( not quite as long as your Marine) :-)

Glad to hear the children are feeling better too!


Mrs. C said...

I'm just sitting here giggling at your "revealing" post. My hubby peeked under the bed of one of my angels yesterday, and he could not believe his eyes. Needless to say, that particular child will be very busy today. ;)

Hold on just a little bit longer; help is on the way! :)

Mrs. C

devildogwife said...

I am so excited for you. I know that your family can't wait to finally have him home safely in your arms. May God bless your during this special time of reuniting!!

Ron and Ginny said...

LOL! I think I read the picture right. LOL! I understand. I could use that picture at my house right now. ;-)

I know you all are exicited and running like crazy, but take time to put that fancy hat on and have some relaxing tea. :-D You want to be calm and relaxed when your beloved comes home.

Looking forward to pictures.

trish said...

Prying for health for all of you, energy to finish your home blessing, travel mercies for DH and his entire unit, and a BLESSED reunion. I know my DH doesn't notice any dust bunnies, etc but I also know I always feel better having things clean and shiny for him when he gets back so I understand your desire to prepare for him. Plus it helps me get rid of the excess nervousness anticipating a return.
PS...No response is expected/needed so just enjoy your time with family! Hugs!

Madeleine said...

Wow!! I can't wait for! Or may its with you?! lol Exciting times!

I understnad the whole deep cleaning thing. ugh. I can't understand how things just ........become, sometimes after only a few months! Even with constant up keep!!

Always praying for your Marine. Hoping for a wonderrous reunion!

Bren said...

So happy to know that your sweet man is coming home!!!! God is faithful!

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

*oh* Yippee!

Sis. Julie said...

I can imagine that you all are very excited to have him get back home. My sister-in-law's husband comes home mid February. They are so anxious to get him home with them again.


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