Friday, January 18, 2008

Our Week's Winsomely Ways...

I would love to say I know
just how a week went by without a post
but I can't because I don't. ;o)
Thank you for those that checked-in on us
as I somehow underwent a bloggy silence.
(sorry, Honey) ;o)

We did keep busy this week with miscellaneous things...
music lessons, making menus, grocery shopping,
running errands, going to the library, midweek service,
fellowshipping, homeschool group park day,
keeping the home, learning, playing, living, etc...

Since I hadn't posted all week,
I thought I'd share some photos from our days...

Will and the girls enjoyed the lovely weather
that we had earlier this week
by spending time outside, jumping and such. ;o)

One of Ally's highlights was talking on the phone
while she was working on her Advanced Chemistry.
As a general house "hedge",

the children do not speak on the phone...
so, she was thrilled to talk, twice, to Dr. Jay Wile
(the author of her
Apologia science curriculum)
to get much needed help on an equation that stumped her.
She was tickled to talk "Chemistry language" with someone
that understood what she was talking about. lol
And Dr. Wile had a rare privilege bestowed upon him
as Ally is not permitted to talk on the phone
(especially male) other than with Daddy
or, occasionally, close family members. ;o)
The conversation was very helpful, though, for Ally
and he even helped her, unknowingly,
with her pre-cal, which was an added blessing.
Another blessing this week was that
our local base high school gave us permission
to borrow one of their graphing calculators
so she could do her pre-calculus this year,
which saved us $100+! ;o)

Here were the lil' girls, one morning,
playing on the kitchen floor with the playdough.
They were busy there for quite a long while.
In this photo, they were making s-n-a-k-e-s...
Mommy's favorite... NOT!
But they enjoy giggling about it.

Here Ally was enjoying one of those sit and spins.
It was quite humorous watching Ally spin around. lol

Today was our homeschool group park day,
even though the temp dropped and we were quite chilly
(except for Ally, who loves the cold). ;o)

Here were the Beth and Carolynne playing together...

Will enjoyed playing with friends...

Will, also, enjoyed the "hanging, sliding thingy"
(sorry, I have no idea what this thing is called)...

Beth enjoyed it, too...

Carolynne considered it but that was as far as she got. ;o)

After our park day, we had friends over for fellowship.
The younger ones were eager to make music...

Will had been directing the music
as Beth and her friend played their new violins
and Carolynne played the piano.
The house was filled with music (a joyful noise). ;o)

Later, Ally taught violin lessons ...

After our friends had gone,

Ally worked a little with Beth, too...

Before supper, the younger ones played quietly...

And Ally volunteered to make the sourdough pizza...

She was thrilled to finally figure out
how to roll the dough an easier and more effective way.

Rolling sourdough is an art after all. lol ;o)
She made wonderful pizza! It was such a blessing.

We enjoyed a quiet, delicious supper together
but we are looking forward to the anticipated days
when Daddy will be eating with us. ;o)

Hope y'all have enjoyed your week, too!

"For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting;
and his truth endureth to all generations."
~ Psalm 100:5


Jeannie said...

How soon till your beloved joins you all at HOME in the good ol USA? Even though I have said I have been there in your shoes, I know I will be coming in more often as my now beloved will be making his way back to Iraq in April for a 15 month tour....the last time he was there was in the begining 03-04. I look forward to seeing the "home coming" of your sweetie in the days ahead.

Jodi said...

((Christina)) ~ It looks like you had a very full and lovely week! I can always see in your pictures the joy your children bring to you. Praying for you all as you await being reunited as a family.

1Cor1031 said...

Hi! Looks like you had a fun filled week. I do hope he comes home soon :-) It has been a long time since I talked to you and I have enjoyed reading your blog. Hope everything is well. God Bless, Tanya

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

A zip line! It's a "zip line." Those look so fun...for someone under 100 pounds or so. ;)

How wonderful that Ally is teaching! I look forward to the day when my Fifi is old/mature enough to instruct little ones with the patience it requires.

Pam said...

I always enjoy having a peek into your days. Are you allowed to share with us an idea of when hubby may get to come home for awhile?

PlainJane said...

Thanks for sharing your week. I esp. love the picture of the little ones making a joyful noise! What a blessing. Have a wonderful weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Though I don't comment, I read this blog all the time. It has been such an blessing. Thanks for the light that your family is to people everywhere. I'm encouraged every time I visit to keep on going for the Lord.

Anonymous said...

It's been awhile,and I sure have enjoyed the pictures as grandma's usually do.It's good to see everyone is looking well and keeping busy. I'm sure Bill will be very thankful to be home soon.I know you al wil be thankful too.
Love you all

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully blessed but busy week you have had!
I so enjoyed the pictures and you sharing glimpses into your days!
Have a blessed weekend!

Happymama said...

Wow, y'all did stay busy!

I believe that park "ride" you were talking about is called a zip line. They're a lot of fun.


Mimi said...

you had a very full week... I can certainly see why you had no time to post... what a wonderful time your children have together...I pray for your continued peace while waiting for your dear husband to return home..

Mrs. Taft said...

Looks like lots of fun :)

Heather said...

I love peeking in at your beautiful life. I am continuing in prayer for you and your beloved. God Bless you sweet sister in Christ.

Our Family Journal said...

Glad to see you're doing well. You are blessed to have, what look to be, likeminded friends to fellowship with.
Have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

Hello and thank you so much for sharing with us. My Beloved just returned from his 15 month tour a few days ago. What a blessing! I have a question about your phone rules. My heart is resonating with that and I would love to hear what you use as a guide. Being military we live so far away from all of our family, so we talk with them fairly frequently. (weekly or so). Any thoughts you would feel comfortable sharing in a post sometime would be so wonderful!


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