Monday, August 10, 2009

Learning Logistics 2009-2010

Every year I love to sit at my dining room table
with my books, notebooks, and pens (...oh, the pens!)
spread out before me to compile a 'master list' of the resources
that we use or intend to use during our year of learning.
I posted our 2008-2009 plan back in January,
in my Learning Logistics post,
and the time has rolled around, again,
to be thinking of and planning the new school year. *Ü*
I just love planning a new school year!

I usually post our resources each year, too,
and what fun it would be if you shared, as well!
It can be a real delight to read others' ideas,
discover new resources, or be reminded of ones
that, perhaps, we had considered before.
It's always so fun to share!

Learning Logistics...
... the planning, implementation, and cooridination
of the details of... our learning at home.

Below, is our list of our learning logistics
for this upcoming year of learning at home.

If you'd like to share your's,
please feel free to grab the graphic below,
post about your homeschool plans for the upcoming year,
link back to this post (so others can join),
and sign the Mr. Linky at the bottom. *Ü*
I look forward to this time of sharing!

Daily OT Bible reading and discussion
Scripture memory work
Missionary biographies
Lessons from Nature
by John Bunyan
Character Sketches
Volume 1 and 2

(for 11 year old/6th grade)
Personal Help for Boys
by Pearables
or Increasing in Wisdom by Michelle Zoppa
Anecdotes for Boys
by Harvey Newcomb

(for 16 year old/Daughter at Home University)
daily, personal Bible reading and prayer journal
Discovering Doctrine
by Sonya Shafer

Language Arts:

(5yrs/1st grade)
Language Lessons for Little Ones 2
Phonics (Rod & Staff We Learn Letter Sounds)
Noah Webster's Handbook for Reading
miscellaneous 'readers'

(6yrs/2nd grade)
Language Lessons for Little Ones 3
Language Lessons for the Very Young 1
reading aloud

(11yrs/6th grade)
Character Quality Language Arts: Red Series Level A
Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization
cd (I.E.W)
Pictures in Cursive: Book B (Queen HS)
reading aloud
narration in all subjects
living books list

(16yrs/Daughter at Home University)
Vocabulary Cartoons
Literature and living books list
Greek 1
(Rosetta Stone)

Science/Nature Study:
nature journal
miscellaneous living books
Handbook of Nature Study
by Anna Botsford Comstock
Birds and Blooms
Kent Hovind seminars dvds
Considering God's Creation
music cd
Character Sketches
Volume 1 and 2
The Burgess Seashore Book for Children
by Thornton W. Burgess

(5/6yrs/ 1/2 grades)
Caterpillar Green
by Marla Martin
Little Jewel Bird
by Lucy Ann Conley
Christian Liberty Nature Readers K and 1

(11yrs/6th grade)
Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures...
Under the Sea Dot-to-Dot
Creation or Evolution
by Mike Snavely

(16yrs/Daughter at Home Universtity)
midwifery books
herbal medicine and healthy lifestyle books

Joshua through Malachi & Ancient Greece
(Simply CM)
Streams of History: Ancient Greece by Ellwood W. Kemp
Classical Kids
: Activity Guide by Laurie Carlson
Ancient Greece
notebooking by Night Owl Creations
Science in Ancient Greece
by Kathlyn Gay
Aesop's Fables
The Trojan Horse
: How the Greeks Won the War by Emily Little
The Librarian Who Measured the Earth
by Kathryn Lasky
Archimedes and the Door to Science
by Jeanne Bendick
Learning Through History
miscellaneous living books from all eras

(11yrs/6th grade)
Hittite Warrior
by Joanne Williamson
Theras and His Town
by Caroline Dale Snedekar
by Beatrice Gormley
Charlotte Mason's Elementary Geography
(Queen HS)
historical and missionary biographies

(16yrs/Daughter at Home University)
missionary biographies
Baptist history books

living math (trips to store, kitchen work, etc...)
living books (M&M Math; Equal Shmequal; A Place for Zero, etc...)

(5/6yrs 1/2 grades)
Right Start Level B

(11yrs/5th grade)
Teaching Textbooks: Math 6
Multiplication & Division: Classical Math to Classical Music

(16yrs/Daughter at Home University)
checkbook keeping


(5 yrs/1st grade)
intro to piano lessons
children's choir at church

(6yrs/2nd grade)
violin lessons
children's choir at church

(11yrs/6th grade)
piano lessons
harmonica learning/practice
children's choir at church

(16yrs/Daughter at Home University)
continue advancement in
piano, violin, guitar, banjo, mandollin
extend knowledge in theory
piano teaching
choir and orchestra at church
composing own hymn arrangements

Composer Study:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ludwig van Beethoven
Antonio Vivaldi
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
George Frideric Handel
Frederic Chopin

Picture/Artist Study:
Mary Cassatt
Leonardo DiVinci
Edgar Degas
Claude Monet
Jean Francois Millet
Benjamin West

Hymn Study:
Silent Night
It is Well
Amazing Grace
How Firm a Foundation
This Is My Father's World
What Can Wash Away My Sins?
(more to be decided)

Lessons from the Clock
by Miriam Zook
Poems for Memorization
selections from
Emily Dickinson
Robert Frost
(more to be decided)

Literature Read Alouds:
Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss
A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter
Stick to the Raft
by Mrs. George Gladstone
Saved by Love
by Emma Leslie
Christie's Old Organ
by Mrs. O.F. Walton
As You Like It from Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare

Foreign Language:
French cd-rom

Life skills (ongoing list)
Handicrafts (ongoing list)

That is our list of resources that I hope to use throughout the year.
It may seem a bit intense but it helps me to have them listed
so I can stay focused on what my goal's are for this year
(and it helps those books to not collect dust on the bookshelves!).
It helps me to remember that all of them are NOT used every day.
Some of them are not long in content and will not be used long.
Others are used for a length of time but only in "small bites".
Being a visual person, this keeps my ideas afresh!
I tried to link to all of the resources that we'll be using
and pray it is a help and blessing to some.

If you'd like to participate in sharing
your upcoming homeschool plans,
please leave a link to your Learning Logistics post
in the Mr. Linky below (comments are great, too *Ü*):


PlainJane said...

Hi Christina,
It looks like another wonderful year for you all ~ a SUPER plan! I love your selections and esp. think the dot-to-dot would be fun (who doesn't like dot-to-dots?) and I had to look up "A Place for Zero" -- I never head of that book before but it looks very cute. I too want to do a Baptist History lesson and am collecting names of books - I didn't know when we could possibly squeeze it in, but as a home Home University is a great idea! What books/curriculum are you using? I'll try to get my learning logistics up soon. Thanks for starting this!

Mrs. Cuddles said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful plans! You've inspired me once again to get on the ball and get my preparations all laid out in writing.

...and thank you for the reminder of the Kent Hovind semiars. We have them on CD, too! I think that will make excellent movie days during a snow storm.

We share some of the same Character and Language Arts studies, too.

Have a fantastic weekend with your family,

Mrs. Cuddles said...

I just received an offer in the mail for the Birds & Blooms magazine. It reminded me of this post when you mentioned using them for your science.

I wanted to share the offer, just in case you needed to renew or even bless someone with a gift. The offer is for $10/year subscription.
www. / FastOrder (remove spaces)

Have a great week!


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